Sam Logan

    Person » Sam Logan is credited in 27 issues.

    Canadian writer/artist and creator of the webcomic Sam & Fuzzy.

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    Sam Logan is the creator, writer and illustrator of the webcomic Sam & Fuzzy featuring the new emperor of the Mafia Ninja crime syndicate, Sam, and his best friend, the bear-like creature Fuzzy.

    Sam & Fuzzy Chronology:

    • "Volume Zero" (2002-2003)

    • The Classic Series (2003-2006)

    • The Noosehead Series (2006-2009)

    • The NMS Series* (2009-current):

      • Volume One: Sam & Fuzzy Fix Your Problem (2009-2010)
      • Volume Two: Sam & Fuzzy Are Very Famous (2010-2011)
      • Volume Three: Sam & Fuzzy Under the Influence (2011-2012)
      • Volume Four: Sam & Fuzzy Ruined Everything (2012-??)
      • ??

    *NMS stands for Ninja Mafia Services.

    All four volumes are collected and published as trade paperbacks. Additionally, an omnibus is available as soft- and hardcover editions collecting the first seven years (or everything prior to NMS/Fix Your Problem).


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