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The Outback

According to Sam Kieth this is in Australia. It is not the one we learn in textbooks and in school, but the "Real" Outback. Where weird and exciting creatures roam.

The Maxx

In the series the Maxx, the Outback would be the place where "Maxx" would protect his Jungle Queen. This version of the Outback would first be found in Darker Image #1.

Once someone goes to the Outback, their appearance changes. Julie Winter's of the series The Maxx is The Queen of The Outback.

The word "CHUNG!" ties into The Maxx being transported to the Outback.

 Example of The Outback
Example of The Outback
 Example of same characters in America
Example of same characters in America

The Isz and other life on the Outback

The Isz

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The Isz are the most famous of all the creatures of the Outback. There are two kinds of Isz, the white and the black. The white are the native species to the Outback.

They were friendly creatures in their earlier appearances in The Critters. It is not been officially established if those Isz were related to these Isz.

The Isz have become a pest to The Maxx.

Other Media

The Maxx on MTV's Oddities

The Outback is present in the animated adaptation of The Maxx as well.


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