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I hate it that Sam Kieth doesn't get out too much. If you read his blogspot at all, you'll know what I mean. I respect his desire for privacy and more importantly his need for creative diversity - truly I do. I just can't get over my disappointment at times that the man just doesn't get out more and reach out to his fans. It seems like so many of the great artists whom have put on some years have become like that - small coincidence I should say.

The man has been responsible for so many great illustrations it would be impossible for me to simply opine about all of them. What I'll leave it at is this; if it were not for Kieth portraying Wolverine the way he did we might not have ever had Joe Madureira come along to re-imagine him. Though that analogy may also be showing signs of age. Ah well.

I wrote to Peter David recently though - in hopes of getting more information about their potential get-together signings in the future. Maybe that will turn over some new stones. In the interim though - should anyone ever find out about how to track down Mr. Kieth - do let this old fan know. Many thanks.

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