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Sam is the 27 year old son of Kevin Flynn, he is known for his skills of hacking, base jumping, motorcross, and parachuting.

Tron: Legacy

We first see Sam with his father, Kevin, telling him stories about The Grid, about the stories of him and Tron and Clu building the perfect system.

When Alan Bradley told Sam that he had got a call from a number that has disconnected for 20 years, Sam went to his dad's arcade, Flynn's, to check it out. He find a find hidden room behind the arcade game Tron. He finds a computer that was turned on, and pressed a couple of buttons and was sucked into the digital world. He ran out of his dad's arcade and found out he wasn't in his world, soon after security programs found him and arrested him. He was taken to a place where he got his suit and program game disc, and was forced to play in the Games. He fought Tron, who was known as Rinzler at the time, in the disc games. Tron easily realized that Sam was not a program, but instead a user. He then was taken to a room with a guy who Sam thought was his father, Kevin, but instead it was Clu. Clu then sent Sam to play against him in the Light Cycle games.

On the field of the Light Cycle games, there were a total of ten players, 5 on each team. All but two players were eliminated from the field leaving Sam and Clu, Clu managed to knock Sam of his light cycle, it was then when Quorra showed up, in a light runner, and prevented Clu from killing off Sam. Quorra took Sam to his father, on the outskirts of the city.

Kevin told Sam what Clu was up to, that Clu has found a way to get out of the Grid and into the human world, and in order to do that he would need Kevin's disc, cause it's the key to everything. Sam wanted to go stop Clu, but Kevin said "no the only way we can win is to not play the game". Later on Quorra told Sam to go find Zuse in the city, and that he would help Sam.

Sam found Zuse, and Zuse had asked Sam who sent him, when Sam said Quorra, Zuse secretly called for Clu. Several of Clu's guards arrived. A big fight came out Quorra showed up to help Sam, after a while one of the guards cut Quorra's arm off. Then Kevin showed up he touched the floor and the lights went out, Kevin got Sam and Quorra out of the fight, during the escape one of the guards snatched up Kevin's disc, then threw a bomb at the elevator door.

The elevator started to fall fast, then Kevin stopped it just before it hit the bottom. They then boarded Solar Sailor to run. Kevin reprogrammed Quorra, but it was tricky because of a code, that's when Sam realized that Quorra was a ISO.


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