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    Also known as Samuel Fisher, who is the main protagonist of Tom Clancys's Splinter Cell series. Sam Fisher is a highly trained operative who once worked for a top secret section of the NSA, known as Third Echelon. He deals with world wide terrorism and the prevention of war, typically as a lone field operative.

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    Current Events

    Six months after the events of Conviction, a group of twelve terrorists initiate a world-wide ultimatum known as the Blacklist. An escalating countdown on the safety of the United States.

    After the eradication of Third Echelon, Sam Fisher, now the leader of his own highly trained counter-terrorism unit called Fourth Echelon, is tasked to put an end to the Blacklist. Fourth Echelon now answers directly to the President of the United States, who was the one who ordered the shutdown of Third Echelon and founded Fourth Echelon.


    Sam Fisher is the main protagonist of Splinter Cell stealth, action video game franchise. The character was created by JT Petty, designed by Martin Caya and formerly voiced by Michael Ironside up until Conviction. Eric Johnson replaced Ironside's voice acting role as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

    Character Profile

    Origin and Early Life

    Sam Fisher was born on the 17th of April, 1957, in the Baltimore suburbs of Towson, Maryland. While not much is known of his childhood, it is known that Fisher attended military boarding school after the death of his parents when he was young. He majored in Political Science from the U.S Naval Academy, where he eventually became a SEAL officer in the U.S. Navy, in which he served 17 years.

    At some point during the 1980s, Sam met an NSA cryptanalyst, Regan Burns, while he was serving in Eastern Europe, Germany. They had an affair, and after learning of Regan's pregnancy, they had a small wedding ceremony. They then had a daughter they had named Sarah Fisher, who was born on the 31st of May, 1985.

    After a difficult three-year marriage, Regan and Sam filed for divorce. Regan took custody of Sarah and went back to the United States. Sam, reluctant to follow, remained in Europe where he dedicated his life to his work, operating extensively in Germany, Afghanistan and Soviet.

    Fisher took a bureaucratic job with the CIA in the United States after Regan's death in 2000, in order to be closer to Sarah.

    Recruitment into Third Echelon

    On 7th of August, 2004, Sam Fisher underwent standard CIA and Special Forces training at a place called "The Farm" at Camp Peary, Virginia. This course was to demonstrate to Col. Irving Lambert, USA (Ret.), the head of Third Echelon, that he had the adequate skills to successfully perform in the field as a Splinter Cell.

    The training course tests individuals with the navigation through obstacles, stealth, lock-picking, interrogation, excessive force, non-lethal force and bypassing surveillance cameras.

    Surprised by his skill, Lambert personally welcomed Fisher to the NSA and its sub-division Third Echelon. Sam was then introduced to his new team thereafter, including field assistant, Vernon Wilkes, Jr., and later, technical expert, Anna Grímsdóttir.

    Powers and Abilities

    While he doesn't posses any superhuman powers, Sam Fisher has extensive combat history, proving to be very knowledgeable in advanced warfare tactics, hand to hand combat and weapons handling. This makes Sam a very dangerous weapon.

    Peak Human Conditioning

    As an elite soldier, Sam Fisher has achieved peak physical and mental condition as a prime requirement for field operations. Fisher has used his physique to manoeuvre around urban environment and even climb cliff faces without the aid of a safety harness, as well has possessing the mentality to resist interrogations and has even resisted a very potent nerve agent for a prolonged period of time.

    Hand to Hand

    Sam excels in hand to hand combat, typically utilizing Krav Maga to disarm and defeat an opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sam has also demonstrated grappling techniques in his fight with Sadiq.


    As a covert operative, Fisher has proven to be very masterful in the art of stealth. Fisher has easily navigated through a training room filled with microphones, chains and broken glass without setting a sensor off. Fisher typically uses the environment to his advantage, primarily utilizing shadows and diversionary tactics to progress through military compounds, prisons, heavily guarded estates/embassies, CIA headquarters, even the White House guarded by other Splinter Cell personnel couldn't keep Sam out.

    Weapons Proficiency

    Sam Fisher is highly trained with the handling of firearms, explosives and advanced technological equipment. He has also shown to be incredibly fast and accurate with the Five-seven pistol, competent enough to make difficult shots with alternating hands.


    Sam has been remarked as having enhanced interrogation techniques. He is very adept at torturing people for information. Even soldiers, like Sam, who are trained to resist interrogation have been broken.


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