Sam Buchanan

    Character » Sam Buchanan appears in 50 issues.

    Sam was an agent of Interpol that was tasked with protecting Victoria Montesi and thus became part of the Darkhold Redeemers.

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    Brief History

    Sam is a secret agent of Interpol assigned to protect Dr. Victoria Montesi a Roman Priest that was born when her father used a page from the Book of Sins to impregnate his wife. After she was targeted by the Darkholders for having knowledge of the Darkhold she required Sam's help. They soon formed the Dark Redeemers and met up with the Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons for a final battle with someone called Lilith in the Arctic.

    He is of Canadian decent an has also gone by the name of "Bucky-Boy". He specializes in investigating the occult. Other than being well trained in combat he has no enhanced strength, reflexes, or any other powers. His primary weapon is a "Exorcist Gun" that fires a plasma burst that seems to paralyze supernatural entities.


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