Salvation, Texas

    Location » Salvation, Texas appears in 15 issues.

    A small town in rural Texas, a dying town that eventually lives up to its name.

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    It is said of Salvation that, "it's the kind of place you ain't left by the time you're twenty-five, you're stuck." It is a town of hopelessness and mundanity, overshadowed by the Quincannon meat processing plant.

    Odin Quincannon ruled the town of Salvation. The sheriff was on his payroll, and his workers had free rein in the town. The people of Salvation were at Quincannon's mercy, and none of them had the spirit to oppose him.

    Until the arrival of Jesse Custer.

    Custer came in and broke up a group of men who were picking on young Lorie Bobbs. Seeing that Jesse was not afraid to get his hands dirty, Sheriff Jim Bewley offered him a position as deputy. Custer countered the offer, saying that he would rather become the Sheriff. Bewley saw his chance to get out of Salvation and handed the badge over to Jesse.

    Jesse immediately started moving against Quincannon. He arrested every one of his workers who caused trouble in the town, and imposed heavy fines on them. He exercised the law to its fullest extent and then some. Quincannon's retaliation was to try and kill Custer.

    He wired Custer's truck to blow up, but the timing was off. He convinced the Klu Klux Klan to try to kill him, but Custer, with his deputy Cindy Daggett, made short work of them. Then Quincannon wired the entire town to explode, and nearly destroyed it but for a bolt of lightning that lanced down from the sky and nearly killed him. After Quincannon's death, Custer and Daggett used the explosives to destroy the meat packing plant, and Salvation prepared for its slow death. With no money coming into the local economy, the town was doomed.

    It was at that point that Conan Quincannon, Odin's brother, moved into the area. He knew the terrible things his brother had done, and swore to make them right. He opened a waste processing plant, opened up jobs to the residents of Salvation, and turned the town around. It appears that the town is on its way to a bright future.


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