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    Salomé is a powerful sorceress, former member of the Blood and the Fallen.

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    Salome was once a member of the Blood who joined Zarathos' cause to become the Fallen; however, she later rebelled and went after her own pursuits. At one point, she was also known as the Sorceress Supreme of this dimension and the first from Earth, by her own account (although Agamotto, of the Vishanti, is widely thought to be the true owner of this title). When the Fallen came back to aid Zarathos, she went out on her own to defeat the current Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, and reclaim her title. It was to protect himself from her that he sacrificed much of his magic and created the ”Strangers”, the beings known as Strange and Dr. Vincent Stephens. Salome would eventually track down Dr. Strange, but by then he would have completed the creation of his new “earth magic”. He used this new magic to defeat Salome while destroying Stevens and giving Strange a new life as Paradox.


    Created by David Quinn and Geoff Isherwood, Salomé first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #146, 1994.

    Powers and Abilities

    As Sorceress Supreme, Salome had access to a wide variety of mystical energies and enchantments. Her primary ability, possibly her power as a member of the Blood/Fallen, seemed to be the manipulation of a green fire-like energy.

    Unlike other members of the Fallen, Zarathos does not seem to be able to draw extra energy from Salome; she may have been able to sever this link using her sorceress powers.


    Though she was the first, there have been many female magic practitioners in the Marvel Universe who were given the name Salome.


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