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As a young teenager, Sally Smart rescued a cat from a group of cruel children. The cat's grateful owner gifted her with the Whistle of the Wind Kings, which granted her amazing abilities and allowed her to go on many fantastical adventures. However, it also halted her aging process, leaving her forever resembling a young teenager. Those around her continued to age and die, and following the deaths of her parents Sally was taken into the custody of a children's home, as the government refused to accept her true age. Broken by the cruelty of her experiences there, she ran away from the home and fled to London, where she encountered a washed-up hero named Vitaman, who was secretly a criminal. He coerced her into becoming involved in pornography, forced her to take part in criminal activities, and got her addicted to Dr Hyde's Evil Serum, all as part of his revenge against her father. Some time after Vitaman's death, drug-addled and broken by her experiences, Sally became involved in the porn site Eternal Superteen through which she eventually met Lance Harrower, with whom she began an internet affair.


Sally Sonic was created by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. She made her first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Following the death of Lance Harrower during a failed experiment to turn himself super, Sally becomes obsessed with his wife, who survived the accident. She moves in with Alix Harrower, pretending to be an art student. They live together for some time until Alix realizes that her boarder is Sally Sonic. The two engage in a massive fight, during with Sally gloats over the affair. Though she initially has the upper hand, she is soon defeated and rendered unconscious. Alix attempts to transport her to the hospital, but Sally awakens in the car and begins attacking her again. Her attack causes Alix to crash the car, simultaneously killing the Sheeda queen Gloriana, and Sally herself.

Powers and Abilities

Sally Sonic is superhumanly strong and durable. She is immortal, and her physical aging halted when she was a young teen. She is capable of flight. She is fairly skilled in unarmed combat.

Weapons and Equipment

Sally Sonic possesses the Whistle of the Wind Kings, a magical whistle that tuned her being to supersonic vibrations, granting her her powers. When she blows on the whistle she magically transforms into her superhero form, including her costume. The whistle can also create a sonic boom when blown, which can shatter glass and cause physical pain to those who hear it.


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