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    Sally Floyd is a non-super-human. She is a reporter for the Alternative. She has covered both M-Day, Civil War and World War Hulk extensively.

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    Sally Floyd is a non-super-human. She earned a degree in journalism and began working at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She later was hired by the radical and liberal Alternative and moved to New York to pursue her aspiring career. Sally and her husband Ken had a daughter named Minnie and moved into an apartment. Their daughter Minnie started shrinking, and desperate to find out the cause, Sally and Ken visited many hospitals. Minnie was eventually diagnosed as being a mutant regressing in age. At her fourth birthday, Minnie looked like a 6-month old baby.


    Sally Floyd was created by Paul Jenkins and Ramon Bachs and first appeared in Generation M issue 1 (2006).

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Sally in Trouble
    Sally in Trouble

    Sally could not deal with her daughter's condition and started to drink alcoholically. Sally accused her husband of being at fault. After all of the abuse, Ken eventually abandoned Sally and Minnie. Sally tried coping with Minnie's situation by reading to her, but eventually Minnie died. Distraught, Sally's addiction to alcohol continued to progress. Floyd has struggled with her alcoholism to the point where it was affecting her career.

    Neil Crawford, Floyd's editor while writing for Alternative, even urged her to attend Alcoholics Anonymous after calling Congressman Sykes a "bigoted jackass" at a press conference. Floyd has struggled with this, mainly attending meetings only when it was convenient for her or when her job was at stake. At that time she started to investigate a case around the depowering of mutants that became known as M-Day. A series of brutal murders had taken place against former mutants. The mutant serial killer began to focus on her, feeling that her status as a Homo Sapien made her pure. After revealing that her daughter's death was due to the small child's mutant powers activating, the serial killer made himself known as Ghoul and attempted to kill Sally but she was saved by the X-Men.

    Sally's efforts had brought a murderer to justice. After this adventure, Sally finally came to terms with herself and reported the story. With the gratitude of her fellow journalists, she finally turned over a new leaf in life and started living again.


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    After starting a small newspaper known as Frontline with Ben Urich, they began covering the events of the Civil War and World War Hulk. At the time she was in a sexual relationship with Danny Gransville. Frontline was slowly falling and she still drank in secret but someone mysterious provided the newspaper with a lot of funds. This shadowed man was later revealed to be Jameson's friend Larry from CNN (hinting Larry King). The money was Jameson's own because people love underdogs like Frontline who struggled in NY during the Hulk invasion so that Daily Bugle would increase in popularity too. Sally never said anything to Ben not to disappoint him. Jameson once went in Sally's favorite bar yelling and calling her "crappy reporter" so she would prove him wrong. Sally and Ben almost died three times together and she was once going to get raped but saved by Moon Knight. Their business eventually crumbled due to lack of funding, but the Alternative was bought out and the paper was renamed Front Lines.

    The Initiative

    After the 50 States Initiative was brought over by Tony Stark, where he became the top chief of SHIELD and leader of the Initiative, Sally became a thorn in his eyes and that of the entire Initiative for asking difficult questions. She was later also questioning Norman Osborn's sanity and his role as the security chief for superhumans.


    Some of Floyd's more memorable interviews have included:


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