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During the Civil War, Jack had hopes of marrying a Southern Belle with a large plantation. Afte cheating Nick Slick out of his magic bag, he came upon Sally's empty manison with herself in bed. She said she was awaiting death, as it came for members of her family at her age. Jack offered to stop death if she'd sleep with him. Not really believing him, she agreed. When Death came for her, Jack used his magic bag and trapped it in the bag. Overjoyed and feeling alive, she couldn't believed he did it and called him her hero. Jack didn't forget the deal, Sally agreed but she demanded he take a bath first.

After having their night together, Jack tiredly shoved Sally to cook him breakfast. Annoyed but Sally did what he requested and picked a chicken to cook. However, upon cutting its head, she saw the price of bagging death. Every animal she killed for food was still alive with Death to take them. When she came to Jack all bloody, he soon saw his former soldiers now undead angrily shouting at him for taking Death. He desperately released Death. Death was not really angry, he was relieved to actually had a nap and agree to not take Sally as he went back to work. Sally would eventually leave Jack for a musician and Jack would someday lose the magic bag.

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