Sally Anne Carter

    Character » Sally Anne Carter appears in 14 issues.

    A runaway who was rescued by the Black Widow, and caught up in her web of espionage.

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    Sally Anne Carter ran away from home at the age of fifteen. This was due to the fact that her stepfather was sexually abusing her and her mother did not believe her. When Sally's mother confronted him, he claimed that she was probably just having bad dreams. 
    Sally hitchhiked and was picked up by two truckers willing to give her a left. When they stopped Sally tried to escape when the two truckers tried to have their way with her. This brought about the attention of the Natasha Romanova aka  Black Widow and Phil Dexter, who were the on the trail of KGB agents and North Organization who were killing former Black Widows. Natasha rescued the girl and had her tag along while she tracked down the rogues. Sally joined the duo and began to form a brother and sister relationship with Phil. And also formed a maternal bond with Natasha. 
    Soon, however, the North agents Max Hunter and Kestrel caught up with the Widow and attacked both Phil and Sally Anne. Phil was nearly killed and Sally Anne was missing. The Widow took her for dead. 
    It was later revealed that Sally Anne had indeed survived but was in critical condition. Her captors had taken her to a shady doctor who patched her up. When Natasha discovered this she went on a non stop mission to find her. She killed many and blackmailed the mob into finding Sally Anne. Sally Anne's captors had taken her to the Cutting Corporation in Cuba, where they kidnapped and drugged women to build dolls. She became close with another girl there named Marciela, who informed her of the heinous acts that happened there. Natasha soon rescued Sally but was in turn captured. Sally alone in the woods was found by Yelena Belova(who had taken up residence and a heiress lifestyle in Cuba) and Daredevil. Yelena sent Sally Anne back into the facility under the impression Kestrel(who was holding the Widow prisoner) had captured her. Yelena and Daredevil snuck into the facility behind Carter and followed her until learning where Widow and the other prisoners were held. They freed Natasha and explained how they located her. This helped free the hundreds of girls used as human guinea pigs by the Corporation. She captured twelve of the personnel involved in the experiments. Natasha convinced Yelena to evacuate the girls to somewhere safe. Yelena complied but had Nat and Sally Anne recuperate at her mansion until regaining their strength.    

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