Character » Salamander appears in 26 issues.

    Salamander was a member of the Lizard League who was killed during the missile silo takeover.

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    Salamander is a member of the Lizard League. although slight of stature he is a formidable opponent, and a member of the League's team of superhumanly powered enforcers. Confrontations with heroes like Invincible, Atom Eve and Shapesmith have all ended badly for the Salamander resulting in a steady cycle of incarceration quickly followed by a break out repeated over and over again. He is believed to have escaped imprisonment most recently during a botched  breakout attempt by Doc Seismic. Those individuals who might face him would do well to remember that Salamander is a ruthless individual who would not hesitate to use his deadly powers to achieve his or the League's criminal goals. How Salamander acquired his powers is at this time unknown.

    Character Information

    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Eyes: Unrevealed
    Hair: Unrevealed
    Strength level: It is not known whether Salamander possesses strength greater than a man his build, age and height who engages in regular exercise.

    Known superpowers 

    Salamanders primary offensive and defensive capabilities lie in the poisonous alkaloids found in his skin that produce the extremely potent neurotoxin, batrachotoxin and its derivatives. Bathrachotoxin is one of the most potent venoms known. It is a neurotoxin which affects the nervous system, All the diverse pharmacological effects result from depolarization of nerve and muscle fibers due to increased sodium ion permeability of the excitable cell membrane. Extrapolating from the lethal dosage LD50 (Lethal dose, 50%) in rats, the lethal dose of this alkaloid in humans is estimated to be 1 to 2 hg/kg. Thus, the lethal dose for a 150 pound person would be approximately 100 micrograms, or equivalent to the weight of two grains of ordinary table salt. Batrachotoxin is more potent than curare and about ten times more potent than tetrodotoxin, from the puffer fish. The toxin is released through colorless or milky secretions from glands sequested throughout Salamanders body. Contact with the toxin can cause almost instantaneous paralysis and death within moments. Salamander can selectively control the release of the poisonous toxins in his body as to not endanger his associates or those he does not wish to immobilize or kill through physical contact.
    Salamander utilizes a series of "toe pads" throughout his uniform to help grip vertical surfaces and climb and cling to walls. These pads, located on the ends of his fingers and toes, do not work by suction. Rather, the surface of the pad consists of interlocking cells, with a small gap between adjacent cells. When Salamander applies pressure to the pads, the interlocking cells grip irregularities on the substrate. The small gaps between the cells drain away all but a thin layer of moisture on the pad, and maintain a grip through capillarity. This allows Salamander to grip smooth surfaces, and does not function when the pads are excessively wet.
    A trait Salamander shares with the salamander of myth is a high degree of invulnerability to open flame and heat. His uniform is a blend of inorganic and nanocomposite polymers that provide a high degree of fire resistance, the exact level of which is unknown.
    Like his amphibian namesake, Salamander is as equally adept at surviving underwater for prolonged periods of time as he is functioning on dry land.

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