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    Sakura is a Japanese fighter who idolizes Ryu but is "trained" by Dan Hibiki.

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    Sakura is a native Japan teenager who idolizes the champion of the first world tournament Ryu. After seeing how great of a fighter Ryu had been in the world tournament, she pursued him in attempt to find him and ask to be trained by the greatest. When she had finally encountered Ryu she asked him to train her to become a more stronger and experienced fighter. Ryu declined Sakura's offer after stating that he still had more to learn about himself before he could learn how to train another and parted ways with the young aspiring fighter. During the Rival Schools saga, Sakura realized how important it was to her protecting the things she cared about. Once again the young fighter began her quest on finding Ryu and along the way she met the likes of Dan and Blanka. While on her quest with Dan and Blanka, Sakura encountered rival and best friend of Ryu, Ken.

    After ditching Dan, Sakura gave a heart-warming speech about how much she loved fighting and training to better herself and inspired Ken. Ken and Sakura began traveling to find Ryu which was later revealed to be in Thailand under Bison's mind control, where Sagat came into action and took on Ryu as Ken and Sakura faced off against Bison. A mixture of Sagat's pleas and Sakura's injuries finally awoke the possessed Ryu where he fended off Bison, forcing him to back down. Ryu told Sakura a second time that he was not yet ready to be taken on as her mentor and once again walked off into the sunset.

    In other media

    Sakura appeared as a secondary character in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation. Sakura becomes fascinated by Ryu after seeing his fight with Shadaloo agents. She decides to track him down and ask him to train her. Sakura met Ken in the bar and he agreed to take her to Ryu. She is accidentally injured in the battle between Ryu and Zangief and Ken takes her to safety. In the end of the movie she is recovered and decided to continue her training.

    Video game appearances

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (first appearance)

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

    • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

    • Street Fighter EX Alpha

    • Street Fighter EX 2

    • Street Fighter EX 2

    • Street Fighter EX 3

    • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

    • Marvel vs Capcom 2

    • Capcom vs SNK

    • Capcom vs SNK Pro

    • Capcom vs SNK 2

    • SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium

    • SNK vs Capcom: Chaos

    • Capcom Fighting Evolution

    • Pocket Fighter

    • Rival Schools

    • Street Fighter 4

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