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Sajin Komamura at first appears as a giant and quiet man, his features fully covered by armour, gauntlets and a huge full face helmet. When in combat at a later time with Kenpachi his helmet was broken off, revealing his true features: he was a humanoid fox. Despite being a fox, his stature is not stereotypical in any way, having the strength and bulk of a bear. He is a giant powerhouse of a man, not sly or agile in any way. His entire body is covered in this fur, as is evidenced when he takes off his gauntlets revealing his clawed furry hands. It is also possible that he hides his tail beneath his robes.

After this battle, his secret was out after being revealed to all present. Previously, only Kaname Tosen and their leader Yamamoto know of his appearance and they had decided to keep it a secret as Komamura wished it.


Saijin Komamura is a quiet and honorable man. He is deeply devoted to justice and shares this with his best friend Tosen. He finds it hard to form relationships with others perhaps due to his earlier treatment before he was a shinigami, which means that he is at first very shy. Deep down he is a sensitive and vulnerable figure beneath his imposing exterior and is quick to have his feelings hurt.

Since the battle with Kenpachi and losing his best friend Tosen he has toughened up some and has gained more confidence in himself. He no longer hides his features and has a much strengthened resolve to do the right thing, even if it means properly fighting his old friend.


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Sajin Komamura at first is portrayed as a very mysterious figure. He is a huge and imposing man who speaks little and always conceals his features behind a huge full face helmet. He is shown from the very start to be the closest friend of Kaname Tosen and the two seem inseparable. This is because of a few reasons. Firstly, they both possess a very strong sense of honour and share their philosophical views, often from the same place: a hill overlooking rukongai which marks the location of a solitary grave: that of Tosens former love. Secondly is it because they are both 'pure spirits'. Tosen has very keen senses, and could sense the loneliness and purity of Komamura. Lastly, with Tosen being blind, Komamura knew that he could not see his features and was able to take off his helmet in his presence and therefore make his first friend.

Komamura's shame in his appearance comes from the fact that he is not fully human. He was born with a foxes features, and this is a double 'shame' on him. Foxes are seen as Yokai in Japan, where the comic hails from. Yokai being evil spirits of mischief and darkness. As a humanoid fox, Komamura was often hounded out of places he tried to settle i the afterlife and could not find a single person who would trust him, till he met Tosen. When he met Tosen he found a kindred spirit, and someone who could not see what he was. He also met another spirit who was as lonely and lost as he. The two both became Shinigami together, both possessing great spiritual potential, and they earned their Captain seats quickly.

Spending many years together as the closest of friends, Komamura was enraged when it was revealed by Tosen that he was in league with Sosuke Aizen. Tosens path was the one with the least bloodshed, but Komamura could not understand how Aizens plans could lead to anything but needless bloodshed. He fought his friend, but he could not bear to bring his full force against his friend, and enraged and not thinking of fighting clearly he was quickly knocked out by his old friend. Once Tosen left, he vowed to 'beat sense into him with his own bare hands!'

Soul Society Arc

Komamura in his masked form
Komamura in his masked form

Komamura appears with the other captains during Ichigo's arrival to attempt to save Rukia. He is suspcious of Gin for letting Ichigo live if he is suppose to be an enemy. After Captain Aizen was slain Komamura and Tosen pay their respects over his body and Tosen talks of a friend he lost. The two find that Kenpachi,Ikkaku, and Yumichika have side with Ichigo and his friends. Tosen and Komamura are forced to face off with Kenpachi the strongest shinigami of the Gotei 13 Protection Squads. Tosen desires to fight Kenpachi alone and is defeated. Komamura quickly comes to save Tosen from further injury. In blocking Kenpachi's powerful blow Komamura's helmet splits open to reveal his animalistic features. Komamura calls forth Tenken in his bankai form. This battle of Komamura vs Kenpachi is interrupted by Aizen's betrayal. Komamura leaves at once to go deal with the traitor. Komamura is the first to be able to near Aizen and goes to attack. Aizen reveals his might by stopping Komamura's blade with two fingers. The large shinigami is struck down in a single blow. Komamura is further enraged in learning that only people that could see were capable of falling under Aizen's absolute hypnosis ability. Komamura and others learn that Tosen has also been a follower of Aizen along with Gin. Aizen uses a high level kido spell to cripple Komamura and a large hollow breaks into Soul Soceity to retrieve Aizen,Gin, and Tosen. Komamura is left wondering what kind of justice Tosen was seeking. He is comforted by Shuhei,Tosen's vice captain who was also betrayed.

Fake Karakura Town

Komamura is with the majority of the Shinigami that face Aizen his followers,the top three espada, and their fraccions. He decides to aid Ikkaku when overwhelm by Choe,an Arrancar that was slightly larger than Komamura the tallest of shinigami. Komamura's attack has no effect on Choe. The arrancar delivers a punch of his own and knocks Komamura clear across the fake town. Komamura makes his way back to save Ikkaku and Iba from a now humongously resurrected Choe. Komamura uses his bankai to block a destruction cero. He becomes in sync with Tenken to duel Choe on equal grounds. Choe grows annoyed prepares to fire another cero from the mouth. Komamura uses to Tenken to plug Choe's mouth. The cero backfires inside the whale like arrancar. Komamura then uses Tenken to bring down his massive sword to kill Choe at last. Komamura withdraws his bankai in appearance of the large hollow that had took Aizen from Soul Society.

Vizard vs Espada

The vizard arrive to kill the gillian hollowed summoned from the Garganta Corridor opened by Wonderweiss. Komamura ends up protecting the vizard,Shinji from none other than Tosen. Shuhei arrives desiring to help Komamura bring Tosen back to his senses. Tosen readies himself to attack Shinji Hirako, only for Komamura to stop him. Shinji ponders and asks Komamura if it's alright for him to help them. Komamura doesn't take no for an answer, as he thinks he is the one to bring Tosen back to his senses. Tosen and Komamura both know they had to cross swords sooner or later. Hisagi appears and offers his assistance in bringing Tosen back. 

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Tosen and Komamura discuss their situation. The Blind Captain starts talking about his full power and his willingness to unleash it. Komamura mistakes this 'power' for Tosen's Bankai, only to discover Tosen has a power much more sinister. As Tosen activates his inner hollow, Komamura and Hisagi both are shocked. Komamura questions Tosen about why he fell so quickly. After the transformation is complete, Tosen appears from within the smoke, wearing a hollow mask. 

Tosen quickly dispatches Hisagi and parries an attack from Komamura with ease. He kicks Komamura sending him crashing in the buildings below. The argument escalates as well as the fight. Tosen is briefly taken by surprise by Hisagi. Tosen states his fear of dying a pointless death among the shinigami as his main motive. Suddenly he is interrupted by the release of Komamura's Bankai.  Tosen and Komamura engage each other in battle with Tosen gaining the upper hand quite easily and quick. In the process Komamura was able to maim Tosen's arm, only for him to regenerate few seconds later. He manages to hurt Komamura quite badly, discovering that by hurting the giant that is his bankai, he can also hurt Komamura.

Komamura faces off against Tosen
Komamura faces off against Tosen
The former friends converse about Tosen straying from his path of justice. Tosen justifies his actions by saying that goodness and justice are not the same. He says that living out his peaceful life and not avenging his friend would be evil  Komamura decides that Tosen is irredeemable and Komamura decides that he is going to strike Tosen down. Tosen in response activates his ressureccion. 
Komamura's Bankai is blasted by Tosen
Komamura's Bankai is blasted by Tosen
Tosen emerges as a gigantice grotesque fly, he opens his new eyes and discovers that he can see. He looks around and sees Komamura, tellling him he's uglier than he thought. They battle again, but Tosens new form grants him strength and speed far exceeding  Komamura's. He completely overwhelms Komamura and blasts a giant hole in his bankai.  

As Komamura lays wounded on the ground, Tosen approaches him. They discuss their ideas of justice and if they should end the fight already. Komamura then apologizes to Iba, Hisagi and Tosen as he could not strike his former friend down. As Tosen prepares to finish him off, they are both surprised as a blade goes through the top of Tosen's head. Hisagi has driven his sword throught Tosen's head, after that he releases his shikai, further wounding Tosen in the process. 
Tosen returns back to normal shortly therafter, he is wounded and too weak to fight on. Komamura tells Tosen he always knew they would fight each other and giving a heartwarming speech, Tosen lets a tear roll down his cheek. Tosen thanks him for his words and tells Hisagi that he wants to see his face, and that he can see in his Hollowfication form. But before Tosen can see Hisagi's face his body explodes, leaving Hisagi and Komamura shocked. In a fit of rage and sadness Komamura cries out Aizen's name. 
After Ichigo arrives to fight Aizen, Komamura steps up and gives Ichigo a piece of advice. He tells Ichigo not to fall for Aizen's mind game and that he and his fellow court guards are there to fight alongside Ichigo and protect him. He then decides to jump in on Aizen's fight with Hitsugaya, trying to aid the captain, but to no avail. Even with the use of his Bankai, Komamura was no match. Aizen sliced of a piece of his left arm, snapped his blade in two and gave him a blow to the chest which sent him hurtling down to the town below.


As a captain level Shinigami, Komamura is highly skilled with the blade and has spiritual powers capable of crushing normal men or even shinigami through the raw force of his reiatsu alone, or rendering the attacks of weaker opponents ineffective. He also possesses Kidou magic and a Zanpaktou and is Bankai capable. Shinigami are additionally spirit beings, and are capable of walking on thin air (and through walls in the real world)


His Zanpaktou is named 'Tenken' or 'Heavens sword'. Its release command is 'Roar', or 'Roar, Tenken!'.

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In its Shikai state, it creates parts of an armored giant that can follow / mimic Komamura's movements. Komamura is capable of creaing whichever parts he wishes, so for example he could create just the giants sword when he swings his own sword, and a giant sword (with its arm) will appear and mirror his movements and strike, which gives him huge reach and power even in excess of his own formidable strength.


The Bankai's release statement is "Kokujo Tengen Myo'o" or "Heavenly Punishment of Kokujo's King"

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In this Bankai state, Komamura creates the entire armored giant from thin air which follows his movement and commands. The force of this giant is phenomenal, able to easily crush fortifications such as castle walls with a single movement. He is also able to wear the giant armor as his own battlesuit, making him extremely formidable.


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