Character » Sajani appears in 94 issues.

    Sajani worked in Horizon Labs and currently, in Parker Industries. She is the creator of the Reverbium.

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    Brief History

    Sajani, creator of an artificial Vibranium called Reverbium, works with Peter Parker at Horizon Labs where she is a member of the Lucky Seven.

    Throughout her career at Horizon, she has been through various events, such as Spider-Island and getting bit by Morbius, which would have turned her into a vampire if not for her fellow geniuses. During the Goblin attack Sajani developed a cure for the Goblin Formula and was able to transform Carlie Cooper back to her human form.

    Following Alchemax acquisition of Horizon Labs Sajani was recruited by Doctor Octopus (whilst inhabiting Peter Parker' body) into creating Parker Industries.


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