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    Volume » Published by Tokyopop. Started in 2004.

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    English translation of the Japanese manga Gensōmaden Saiyūki.

    In ancient Shangri-La, a mysterious plague is sweeping through the land, causing the peaceful youkai to go violently insane, turning on their human neighbors. The Sanbutsushin, or three aspects of Buddha, charge Genjyo Sanzo, high priest, to travel to India to put an end to the plague. And he's okay with that. Until they tell him he has to take three companions; Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, and Son Goku with him. He's not so okay with that, but does it anyway, secure in the knowledge he can shoot them if they get out of hand.

    A very, very loose adaptation of the classic "Journey to the West", we follow this very unorthodox, boozing, smoking monk, the adolescent monkey king, the womanizing half-kappa, and the gentle chi-powered full demon as they fight their way across the landscape. They would probably move faster if they didn't spend so much time arguing amongst themselves and making sure their cigs and liquor supplies were up to snuff.


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