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    Saitama is the main protagonist in One Punch Man, as well as the most powerful hero alive. As the title suggests, he is able to defeat any monster he comes up against in one punch. Due to just this, he faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is too overwhelmingly powerful to gain any thrills from his battles. He registers in the Hero Association along with his sidekick Genos.

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    Saitama is the main protagonist in the series One Punch Man, created by a Japanese webcomic designer under the pseudonym ONE. One Punch Man originally appeared on ONE's website on June 3rd, 2009.

    Later, after the series had gained much success, mangaka Yusuke Murata approached ONE about collaboration and they made an upgraded remake manga format of One Punch Man appearing in Shueisha's Young Jump Web Comics on June 14th, 2012. The story remains the same, but Saitama and his art are significantly upgraded. Murata has also made several extra chapters and added onto events of the original story.


    Saitama was originally a lazy man looking for a job after repeated firings until one day he encountered and saved a young boy from a monstrous crab and was inspired to become a hero. From that day on, Saitama participated in an inhuman workout consisting of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km of running every day which somehow led to his amazing powers, but as a side effect, he lost his hair.


    Saitama is a young, average-looking male who is completely bald. Despite being short and thin, he is incredibly lean and muscular and has a perfect body. Saitama is usually deliberately drawn in a more simplistic style than the other characters, similar to the style of the original webcomic, with an elliptical head and simple facial features. When drawn in a more serious style, Saitama is revealed to have sharp facial features, fearsome eyes, and chiseled musculature. His posture changes as well, with a slack posture and sloping shoulders when lax, and a straightened posture and squared shoulders when serious.


    Saitama is an indifferent person. Even the mightiest foes pose no challenge to him, so he does not take his hero work seriously, goes through everything with little to no effort, and yearns for an opponent that can provide him with a challenge. The lack of worthy opponents has led him to suffer from a self-imposed existential crisis, and he claims that his ability to feel any and all emotions have dulled considerably. The combination of his attitude, unstoppable power, and "unimpressive" appearance often causes his battles to become anticlimactic. Saitama will usually allow his opponents to rant about their motives and power up into their strongest forms, before obliterating them with a single punch. Saitama has limited patience for long explanations, however, and will often interrupt the speaker. His ideal word count is 20 or less.

    A running gag about Saitama is his inability to remember people's faces and names, as seen when he forgot Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's name, or when he could not remember who Tanktop Tiger was. Because of this, he sometimes ends up pronouncing people's names incorrectly, much to their chagrin. Saitama is very humble, as he purposefully let the masses turn against him in order for the defeated heroes to be given credit for their efforts against the Deep Sea King, even claiming that they had weakened the monster before his arrival. He did the same for the police station, killing a monster while disguised as a police officer, despite potentially gaining much fame had he revealed who he actually was. He also did not mind that King took credit for all of his achievements. Another surprising thing about Saitama is that he is very tactful and insightful, being well able to discern situations and character traits from the people and environment around him fairly easily. He was able to pick up a number of hints to Sonic's persona upon their first meeting. When two tank top heroes jealously plotted to ruin him after the meteor event, he remarked that there were irate and self-serving hero types like them. He was even able to discern Fubuki's forced offer of submission or destruction just before his crackdown on how the hero world really works than how it is currently run.

    Saitama has been seen to show remorse to his enemies before, particularly ones who can give him a stimulating fight and don't just go down in one hit. One such example of this is Boros, the self-claimed "Dominator of the universe", with whom Saitama sympathized, due to suffering from similar circumstances. Though in the end, even Boros still couldn't draw out Saitama's full power. Saitama does not actually care if people insult him, and he usually ignores them and says that they need a hobby; the only insult that could get a reaction out of him is anything pertaining to his baldness. He has expressed distaste towards his officially assigned hero name, Caped Baldy. Thus, even after receiving it, he always refers to himself as Saitama. He also shows a measure of concern when it comes to bargains and deals, as seen when he fought Carnage Kabuto, where he was more shocked upon the realization that he was going to miss a bargain sale, rather than his opponent who had undergone a transformation and was beating him around. Despite his general indifference to most things, Saitama was genuinely shocked when he realized that no one actually knew of him despite his achievements, curious as to why he doesn't have any fans. This reaction demonstrates that while he isn't necessarily into hero work for fame, he certainly doesn't object to it. Another running joke is Saitama's jealousy of higher rankings, such as when he grew irritated when Genos listed off all of the comments made by fans about how amazing Genos is in their eyes. Saitama demonstrates impressive restraint with his power, considering that he is easily capable of splitting the sky or jumping from the Moon to Earth in seconds. He manages to beat nearly all of his opponents with a single punch, though occasionally causes more destruction than necessary. While he has no problem killing monsters, Saitama has yet to be seen killing another human and only ever uses enough strength to knock them out.

    Becoming a hero has always been a dream of Saitama's. Before becoming one, he used to be frustrated about society, just like Hammerhead. Saitama has proven to be a good figure to other people, both heroes, and villains alike. His influence made Genos quiet his revenge wishes and start focusing on training to become a good and strong hero. He has also made insecure people like Fubuki and Glasses stand up to their challenges and become better heroes. Saitama also advises King to train and become strong for real, rather than being upset the latter stole credit from his battles. As Fubuki notes, he "attracts the strong", as many powerful heroes and villains have taken a liking to him, and few even look up to him as a role model to follow. Aside from being quite a cheapskate due to his financial status, he has a greedy side seen when tried to steal bags of gold from the underground mine inside the Monster Association Headquarters and was visibly upset after accidentally dropping them down to the bottom of an underground ravine.



    Saitama met Genos after the latter was defeated by a monster and tried to self-destruct, but was instead saved by Saitama. After being saved, Genos asked Saitama to take him on as a disciple, to which Saitama nonchalantly accepts, thinking that Genos was not being serious. Though Saitama was initially annoyed by the thought of having an apprentice, he gradually warmed up to Genos, even becoming slightly worried and concerned when he saw Genos' limp body after he was defeated by Deep Sea King, or after Genos got smashed into a rock by Tatsumaki. Saitama holds some respect for Genos since he became an S-Class hero right off the bat, and desires to move up the ranks due to his S-Class status. Genos has become Saitama's companion and friend (or at least close to it). He is also the person with who he spends most of his time since Genos moved into Saitama's apartment to live with him. Although Saitama has yet to officially call him his disciple (as Genos is always the one identifying himself as his disciple), Saitama actually tries to train him, but since Saitama only knows strength training (which wouldn't help Genos, due to him being a cyborg), most of Saitama's advice/lessons are made up, and only an excuse to keep the cyborg occupied. Despite this, however, Saitama does manage to give Genos some relatively good advice from time to time. Saitama also seems to have enough confidence in Genos to handle certain threats alone, as seen when he accepted Genos' request to fight G4 alone without any pressure (although he asked him if he needs help) and would only help/save Genos when he sees him in need.


    Saitama first met Bang when the giant meteor was falling towards Z-City. Bang was amazed by Saitama's strength and wanted to keep a close eye on Saitama. He then started to spy on Saitama and was greatly surprised to find out that he was actually Genos' teacher. He then started to think that Saitama himself must have an incredible teacher too, but when he asked Saitama about it, he was again surprised to hear that Saitama doesn't have a teacher and destroyed the meteor with his strength alone instead of using a technique. Bang, realizing Saitama's potential, had since then tried numerous times to recruit him into his dojo, albeit unsuccessfully. Bang also showed great displeasure when Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole were trying to drag Saitama into their "newbie crushing", but didn't interfere, since he had faith in him and even declared him to be the strongest person he has ever met, showing a great amount of respect for the (then) C-Class hero. Saitama, while not seeing Bang as a friend and showing disinterest in his martial arts, was still slightly impressed by Bang's abilities from time to time, with the best examples being when Bang defeated him in rock, paper, scissors, and later again when Bang told him how he kicked out Garou after his rampage in Bang's dojo, even admitting that Bang must be "kinda strong". Saitama seems to have some faith in Bang, as he called Bang to assist him in a competition against Fubuki and her Blizzard Group. After receiving his hero name "Caped Baldy", Saitama extremely dislikes it and even compared his hero name to Bang's, expressing jealousy of how cool Bang's hero name "Silver Fang" sounded.


    They first met when Saitama saved him from Octopus Claw Man during his first one-and-a-half-year of training. While Saitama seemingly forgot about their meeting, King never did and was wondering for a long time who his mysterious savior was. Saitama would, unknowingly, continue to save King from various monsters, thus prompting King to (unintentionally) take the credit for killing at least five mysterious beings that were actually killed by Saitama. This caused King to gain fame and 'fortune' as an S-Class hero, as well as the reputation as the "strongest man on Earth". At their second meeting, after saving him from Giant Crow, Saitama discovered King's true personality and the secret to his success. King, realizing that it was Saitama who was saving him all this time, expressed guilt for taking credit for Saitama's actions, though Saitama was not upset or angry at King's secret, much to King's surprise and they even started some sort of friendship. Saitama would go to King's house to play video games, and regularly get frustrated at losing to King. Alongside Mumen Rider and (potentially) Genos, King is probably one of the few people whom Saitama considers a genuine friend. When Garou tried to attack King, Saitama would stop the hero hunter with a single kick, saving King again.

    King and Saitama also worked together to defeat Elder Centipede, with King luring it towards Saitama so that he could destroy the monster. History would repeat itself and King received credit for killing Elder Centipede.

    Flashy Flash

    Flashy Flash and Saitama had a brief scuffle after running into each other at the Monster Association Headquarters. Flash mistook Saitama for a monster and tried unsuccessfully to attack him multiple times. After clearing the "misunderstanding", the two become acquainted with each other and journey through the tunnels of the base together, with Saitama unintentionally impressing Flash with his speed and strength.


    When they first met, Fubuki was trying to force him into joining her group, as she was worried about her rank. After witnessing how powerful Saitama was when she fought him outside his apartment, how he fended off Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, and learning that he had friends in S-Class, she started to admire him and decided to join his group.

    She is sometimes seen alongside Genos and King, hanging out in Saitama’s abode. She is apparently obsessed with making Saitama join the Blizzard Group, with her latest attempt being to beat Saitama in a video game competition, which failed due to King’s assistance. Despite knowing that Saitama was superior to her in terms of power, she still doubted that he could actually surpass Sweet Mask and her sister. Fubuki also often becomes irritated by his behavior. For example, when he wasn't listening to her deal and later ditched her with the restaurant bill to chase after Garou, which greatly angered her.

    Despite this, however, she still returned the cabbage he left at the restaurant and was ready to forget about their mishap if he apologized to her. Fubuki also shows a softer side of hers towards him now and was also showing a lot of patience with him, something not many people who know him are able to do.


    When Saitama heard of Zombieman's immortality from Genos, he became interested in the S-Class hero and asked him if the rumors were actually true, although Zombieman looked rather displeased by having Saitama around, due to his rank. When Dr. Genus later warned Zombieman about Saitama's strength, Zombieman refused to believe him, even thinking that the former scientist was making fun of him.


    In their first encounter, Tatsumaki didn't think much of Saitama due to his ranking, and would regularly insult him. She feels insulted whenever Saitama ignores her. When he first saw her, Saitama mistook Tatsumaki for a little girl due to her small stature and found her to be annoying. In an audiobook, it is revealed that the two actually met in a haunted house at a festival Saitama worked at. Saitama thought Tatsumaki was a lost child, and Tatsumaki called him a balding samurai and thought he was a ghost when her powers didn't work on him.

    Mumen Rider

    Saitama and Mumen Rider share a mutual respect for one another, and a possible friendship. Saitama respects and acknowledges Mumen Rider's ability to continuously meet the weekly quotas of the C-Class heroes, something Saitama found to be a difficult job. He also compliments Mumen Rider for putting up a nice fight against Deep Sea King. Mumen Rider is one of the few who know of Saitama's true strength and treats him respectfully as a fellow hero. He sent Saitama a thank-you letter for defeating the Deep Sea King and offered to treat him to dinner, where he personally thanked Saitama, further showing Mumen Rider's humble and respectful nature.

    After Mumen Rider got beat up by Garou, Saitama visited him in the hospital and expressed relief to see that he was still alive. Saitama then gave him a banana and asked him for information about Garou.


    Originally, Sneck thought little of Saitama due to his rank, as well as the fact that Saitama almost flunked the hero exam. But after he heard about Saitama breaking the exam's physical records and being swiftly defeated by the rookie, Sneck began to recognize Saitama's abilities. Saitama once unknowingly avenged Sneck when he killed the Deep Sea King and defended his honor when he and the other heroes who were defeated by Deep Sea King were being insulted. Sneck was the only person in the Super Fight tournament who was able to figure out he was not Charanko. Saitama also saved Sneck from being crushed by Bakuzan.

    Sweet Mask

    At first, Sweet Mask looked upon Saitama with his typical disinterest in the lower-class heroes. When Sweet Mask first heard mention of him after Saitama killed the Deep Sea King, Sweet Mask's opinion relegates the newbie as having the aura of a B-Class hero, based on appearances via video feed alone.

    Child Emperor

    Saitama thought that Child Emperor was pretty cool in his fight with Phoenix Man, and believes that he is a great hero.


    Saitama and Blast first meet when Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako touch one of God's cubes and the being communicates to them. Blast was not worried about them touching the cube, as they did not accept God's deal nor did they know what was going on in the first place. Saitama does not seem to remember Blast's name despite hearing it before, and Blast does not seem to know who Saitama is as he acknowledged Flashy Flash but not him. Despite this, Blast does not mind Saitama's presence and simply agreed with Saitama's explanation of Manako being there.

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic views Saitama as his eternal rival and vows to defeat him. Saitama views their one-sided rivalry relationship in a nonchalant manner. He does not mind Sonic's persistence and their continuous 'battles', even going so far as to encourage Sonic to do his best. However, he does grow irritated if Sonic starts to bother him during important activities, or harms others.

    According to Genos, Sonic is one of the few people who recognize Saitama's true strength. This recognition is what caused Sonic to stop working and continue training in order to surpass Saitama. This recognition and dedication, as well as declaring Saitama a rival and admitting defeat at his hands, indicates (in his own way) a form of respect that Sonic has for Saitama. After pretending to be Saitama for one day, he gains a new form of respect for Saitama and vows to never attack him when he's fighting monsters. Sonic has a very negative outlook on the Hero Association due to the way they look down on someone as strong as Saitama due to his low ranking and appearance. He even criticized Saitama for joining these "so-called worthless heroes" once.


    While being disgusted by Boros destroying other planets during his search of a worthy opponent and getting annoyed by his life story, Saitama still sympathizes with Boros for not being able to find a worthy enough opponent that could give him a stimulating fight, thus prompting him to hold back during their fight to give them both an equal and satisfying duel. After being kicked to the moon by the alien and returning to the Earth, however, Saitama stops holding back and attacks Boros with more force, which he only survives thanks to his strong regeneration abilities. Boros is also the first opponent that Saitama had to use a serious attack against in order to defeat them. While Boros admits that Saitama is far stronger than him and realizes that he wasn't even nearly using his actual level of power, Saitama has respect for Boros and deems him to be the strongest opponent he has ever faced so far.


    The two first met in the hideout of the Monster Association. Orochi was alerted by Saitama's punch against Overgrown Rover and immediately went to look for the hero. Similar to Boros, Orochi too acknowledged Saitama's power at first glance. Saitama initially does not want to fight Orochi and says he is just acting in self-defense. After Orochi burns his cape, though, Saitama decides to fight back, warning him that he's not going to hold back. After witnessing Rover run away from Saitama, Orochi realizes that the ghost of Z-City was actually him all along. Restless but excited for the upcoming fight, Orochi immediately transforms into his strongest, condensed form. Saitama, on the other hand, is not interested in the slightest about the duel with Orochi. In fact, he even stops the monster during his monologue to tell him that he fought many monsters like him who proclaimed themselves ultimately powerful but still ended up being killed in one hit.

    Orochi is so shocked by Saitama's answer he cannot even speak and decides to begin the fight with a physical attack, using Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist on the five dragons of his left arm. After Saitama obliterates the five dragons with a single strike, Orochi stops attacking directly and only uses his powerful laser beams. Despite Orochi's immensely destructive blasts, Saitama is unfazed. Saitama tries to punch Orochi after a brief dash and is caught by Orochi's dragon-headed horns but gets free in seconds. After missing the target once again due to Orochi dodging it, Saitama is then hit by a combination of laser beams by all of Orochi's dragons, including his core. Saitama is again unaffected by this attack and defeats Orochi with a simple punch that tears through the monster's entire body. Despite the power of the blow, Orochi is still alive and able to speak, asking Saitama about what hit him. When Saitama tells him it was a normal punch, Orochi's head falls deep underground, recognizing Saitama's strength as terror itself.

    Saitama is then told by Flashy Flash that a certain "monster king" lives there and gets excited due to the scary epithet, but he is unaware of his identity and therefore did not realize that it was the same monster he already defeated moments before.


    After hearing about Garou's power from Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master, Saitama became eager to fight the hero hunter, hoping for a challenge. Saitama first encountered Garou while shopping for a wig. He was sneak attacked by Garou, but the attack was ineffective and Saitama, who mistook him for a robber, easily defeated him with a karate chop. Later on, when Garou attacked King, Saitama was also present and disposed of him with a single kick, still not recognizing him. Garou attacks Saitama a third time after dine-and-dashing from the same restaurant as him, hoping to exact revenge, but Saitama swats him away so as to not look like an accomplice of his.


    They first met during the Super Fight tournament. During his fight with Saitama, Choze gabs endlessly about his genetically superior view and eventually foolishly lets his guard down, which causes a bored, yawning Saitama to send him flying to silence him. Choze formed a grudge against Saitama for defeating him and doing so while yawning. In his monster form, Choze believed that he could defeat Saitama.


    Bakuzan first met Saitama during the Super Fight, where he soon came to dislike Saitama after getting ignored by him and seeing him struggling to tie his belt. He was puzzled by Saitama's lack of movement and became irate when Saitama did not take on a stance, believing him to be untrained and an insult to fight. When Saitama asks for a demonstration of his strength, Bakuzan complies, detailing exactly how he intends to defeat Saitama, in a brutal fashion. After touching Saitama's head and nearly knocking off his wig, Saitama starts to panic and sends him flying with one punch.

    Despite his defeat at Saitama's hands, Bakuzan seemed to have forgotten about him and asked him who he was, when he appeared to save Suiryu and Sneck from him. After recognizing Saitama however, Bakuzan uses all of his moves to kill Saitama, but the hero is unaffected by this. Due to his extreme arrogance, Bakuzan cannot comprehend the fact that Saitama is unfazed from his attacks and deducts that Saitama is paralyzed in fear. In order to finish the fight, he initiates his Hell Dispatch Chop as the final blow, only for Saitama to blow off half of his body, killing him.

    Dr. Genus

    After witnessing the destruction of several of his creations, Dr. Genus began to study Saitama. He theorized that at some point during his training, Saitama broke through a natural limiter that humans have, but has paid the price with his hair and his emotions.

    It is also shown that Genus holds a great deal of respect for Saitama, due to his efforts to successfully remove his limiter to attain godly power, defining all of Genus' ideology about artificial evolution to create better and stronger beings, as well as his desire for eternal life. Furthermore, he respectfully appreciates the fact that Saitama showed him that human willpower alone is able to lift one to incredible heights.


    Saitama initially respected Suiryu and his abilities, asking him to show him the fullest extent of his martial arts in order to get a better understanding. However, Saitama became slightly enraged when Suiryu said that heroes are useless and it's pointless to rely on them. This caused him to abandon protecting his identity, revealing his wig, and for the hero to sternly say to Suiryu that if he wanted to live a fun life, he shouldn't become any stronger than he already was. With a deathly glare, he unleashed his Death Punch, destroying Suiryu's clothes.

    Despite his initial irritation towards Suiryu, this did not stop Saitama from intervening in the fight between Suiryu and Bakuzan. In fact, when he arrived, he actually complimented the martial artist for holding out for as long as he did. When Suiryu asked Saitama if he could become a hero, the bald hero said that even with his horrible injuries, it was still possible, showing him support for his goal. However, Saitama was not willing to accept Suiryu as a disciple, demonstrating his unwillingness to take on another disciple and help Suiryu with his dream because of the hassle it would bring. Despite this, thanks to Saitama, Suiryu regains his spirit and decides to become a hero like him.


    He first met her while lost in the Monster Association's headquarters, taking Manako hostage to show him the way around. He's shown to pull her cheeks when he gets annoyed at her. But he's shown to save her when she's seen in danger. When Blast

    asks why he is with a monster, Saitama refers to Manako as his "tour guide and flash-light" even calling her useful, this shows that he doesn't see her as a prisoner.


    Introduction Arc:

    The series starts with an alien who crashes lands into a city by a massive explosion and proceeding to wreak havoc through multiple energy blasts. Saitama is watching it on television. He then arrives just in time to save a little girl before she is crushed by the giant alien.

    The giant, curious, asks who Saitama is. The giant introduces himself to be Vaccine Man, someone born out of pollution caused by "filthy humans" as he put it. He deems humanity a virus on mother Earth and expresses his intent to destroy humans, calling himself the apostle of mother nature.

    The Giant transforms into a monster dwarfing Saitama, with claws on his hands the size of entire cars, with elephant-like tusks and spikes all over its back. Without giving much thought to the giant's lecture, Saitama punched the monster around its belly, exploding the monster from the middle. After realizing what had happened, Saitama grows frustrated and starts yelling. Another fight for him, that had ended with a single punch.

    A while after that encounter, Saitama runs into the Brain and Brawn brothers who were destroying D-City, and he leaps onto Marugori's shoulders. Marugori's brother, who notices Saitama, then order's Marugori to swat Saitama, but Marugori instead accidentally kills his own brother. In a massive rage, he then throws Saitama down and proceeds to rush him with a barrage of punches, which causes widespread devastation to the surrounding area and makes a huge crater. Saitama, unaffected, leaps from the crater and delivers a mighty blow to Marugori's cheek so powerful it warps his face and kills the giant instantly.

    He then has a dream that he is fighting the Subterranean race, which has killed a majority of the population and destroyed Saitama's apartment. He then fights them with energy and vigor but wakes up as he is about to face Subterranean King.

    House of Evolution Arc:

    Saitama is going through an existential crisis, regretting the state his life is in and how all of his battles end too easily because of his overwhelming strength. He compares all of his fights to swatting insects. Just then as he is watering his plants he swats at a mosquito, who miraculously survives. He then engages in a comedic battle with the mosquito, who is shown to fly off to Mosquito Girl. At the same time, Mosquito Girl attacks the city and is confronted by Genos, who begins to fight her. Saitama, pursuing the mosquito, runs into Genos and Mosquito Girl. Mosquito Girl then absorbs all the stored blood from her mosquito's and powers up. With her newfound strength and speed, she quickly tears Genos apart, who decides the only way to defeat her is to self-destruct. Saitama then steps in and slaps Mosquito Girl, killing her instantly. Genos, shocked, asks Saitama to become his master.

    Paradise Group Arc

    Saitama is first seen waking up frantically from a dream involving someone pointing a snotty finger at him. Realizing it was just a dream, he turns on the news and finds out that the criminal Hammerhead and his terrorist organization known as the Paradisers, consisting entirely of bald, dangerous-looking men have arrived and started wreaking havoc. The news warns everyone to avoid any bald men with a dangerous aura. This angers Saitama who states that this group will ruin his image, as everyone will mistake him for a villain. He resolves to destroy the Paradisers to protect his image. Saitama heads out to search for the villains, and on his way, many people end up mistaking him for a member of the ParadisersOn his search for the Paradisers, Saitama finds himself lost in a forest. Trying to find a path out, he is halted by Hammerhead. Hammerhead mistakes Saitama for someone wanting to join up with the Paradisers, but Saitama tells him that he actually came to destroy them. Hammerhead swiftly attacks Saitama with a vicious punch, but Saitama is unfazed and unimpressed. Enraged, Hammerhead charges up to full power and executes his Windmill Attack. Upon seeing this, Saitama notices it looks much like an "attack" he used to perform as a kid and wonders if Hammerhead is similar to him. He then stops the attack with little effort and shatters Hammerhead's battle suit with a quick punch. After making him promise to never do bad things again, Saitama allows Hammerhead to flee.

    Shortly after, a powerful ninja, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, arrives demanding to know where Hammerhead has gone. Saitama points in the direction that Hammerhead fled in. Sonic then attacks Saitama, mistaking him for a member of the Paradisers, with a kunai thrown at a lightning-fast speed. However, Saitama effortlessly catches both the kunai and Sonic's subsequent attack with a sword and then proceeds to break the sword in half. Saitama then frantically explains that he is not a member of the Paradisers, and asks Sonic whether or not he recognizes him as the man who has saved the world many times. When Sonic denies knowing him, Saitama becomes severely disheartened. Sonic again proceeds to attack Saitama, stating that the real problem is that Saitama was able to see two of Sonic's attacks and that his pride cannot allow for Saitama to live. Upon hearing this, Saitama accuses Sonic of being a liar, stating that Sonic just wants to test his attacks on him, indicated by the "childlike smile" on Sonic's face. After Sonic jumps around for quite some time, Saitama intercepts him and asks if he can go home now. Surprised, Sonic retaliates with a Wind Blade Kick. Saitama attempts to interrupt Sonic's attack by placing his fist directly in the path of Sonic's groin. However, he accidentally moves his fist too far and taps Sonic's groin. Clearly in pain, Sonic swears that he will train day and night for their rematch and then flees.

    Later, Saitama is at his apartment going over the day's events with Genos. Saitama asks Genos to leave, stating that he is in shock due to a certain event that occurred that day. Genos, worried about anything that might shock Saitama, asks what it was, and Saitama explains that he cannot believe that Sonic had no idea who he was despite all of his previous exploits. Genos then asks if Saitama was a registered superhero, to which Saitama replies that he is not. Genos goes on to explain that anyone who hasn't registered with the Hero Association will never be recognized for their feats. Saitama resolves to become a licensed hero so he can achieve the fame he deserves. He asks Genos to register with him in exchange for formally accepting the latter as his disciple.

    Hero Association Saga

    National Superhero Registry Arc

    Saitama arrives at the 6th Official Superhero Certification Exam Center and begins a series of physical tests. Saitama does so well on the physical tests that he awes the examiners and disheartens the up-and-coming heroes from taking the tests altogether. Later, in the waiting room, Saitama meets with Genos, and the two discuss the easiness of the hero qualification tests, and state that there is no way they didn't pass. When the results of the tests arrive, it is revealed that Saitama barely passed, having achieved a score of 71 when the passing is 70; and received the C-Class hero designation. Despite this, Saitama achieved a perfect score in every physical test and broke every record of the Hero Association, and the only reason his score was so low was that he did poorly on the written test. Later, during a lecture from an A-Class hero Sneck, Saitama is chewing bubble gum, seemingly bored. This angers Sneck and, along with hearing the news that Saitama could quickly surpass him, causes Sneck to ambush Saitama. However, he is quickly defeated. Sometime later, Genos requests a sparring match with Saitama. Saitama, having earlier agreed to make Genos as his disciple officially, under the condition that Genos registers as a hero as well, accepts his challenge. The battle begins with Genos firing a massive energy attack which Saitama dodges with ease. Genos proceeds to attack Saitama physically but eventually discovers he was chasing Saitama's afterimage the whole time. After an extremely close-range energy attack in which Genos believes he finally landed a blow on Saitama, Saitama, having dodged the attack, pokes Genos' face and declares himself the victor. Genos stops to reminds him that the match cannot end until one of them is unable to continue. Upon hearing this, Saitama appears in front of Genos and delivers a Death Punch, which stops inches before hitting Genos' face. Though unharmed, the landscape behind Genos is obliterated. Saitama and Genos then return home.

    After the sparring match, they head out to a shop, where they had an eating contest. While Genos had no problem eating, Saitama nearly passed out. The A-Class hero Sweet Mask comes, and asks Genos to speak with him outside, with Saitama warning Genos about rookie crushing. Five days later, Saitama is seen lounging around his house reading a magazine. He notices Genos, carrying a huge backpack full of contents unknown, who then requests to live with him. At first, he declines, but after Genos tells him that he will pay him the rent, Saitama allows Genos to stay with him. Genos later informs Saitama that all C-Class heroes who are inactive for a week are removed from the official registry. Saitama, realizing he only has two days remaining, sets out to find a villain, only to discover that Z-City is completely peaceful. Saitama decides that he will check again the next day and returns home. Upon discovering that Z-City is peaceful for the second day in a row, he becomes greatly distressed. All of a sudden, a kunai is thrown at Saitama. Saitama catches it and discovers that his would-be assailant is Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.

    Saitama tells Sonic that he is busy, and begins to walk away, but Sonic rushes to intercept him. Frustrated, Saitama bites Sonic's sword, shattering it in the blink of an eye. Saitama then threatens Sonic, that if he gets in his way again, he will punch him. At this moment a woman from the crowd observes Saitama and states that he is a 'suspicious person'. Saitama, thinking that the woman was referring to Sonic, begins to lecture Sonic for being so violent. Then, a C-Class hero, named Tanktop Tiger, explains that the woman was referring to him. Saitama says that he is also a registered hero, but Tanktop Tiger states that he has no idea who Saitama is, and thinks that he should leave as he is ruining the reputation of other heroes. Saitama becomes increasingly annoyed, but before he has a chance to attack, Sonic launches a surprise assault on Tanktop Tiger, who is defeated instantly. Sonic begins to wreak havoc on the surrounding civilians. During this chaos, Saitama saves a small boy's life by effortlessly moving a tree in place to intercept a falling car that would have killed the boy. Saitama, angered both by the fact that he can't find a bad guy to fight, and that civilians are in danger, realizes that Sonic is now considered a bad guy and decides to retaliate. Saitama appears behind Sonic and dispatches him with a single swift chop. By defeating Sonic, he has saved himself from being removed as a registered hero.

    Powers and Abilities

    Saitama is the most powerful character, as well as the true top tier of One-Punch Man. His physical parameters are so incomprehensibly large that all of his battles are borderline gags, due to him defeating every enemy in a single punch. Not only this, he has never been injured thus far in the series, nor has he ever lost a battle or even come close to trying in one. Due to all these factors, it is incredibly difficult to grasp Saitama's true power since he hasn't displayed a portion of it so far.

    Immeasurable Strength: Saitama's strength is limitless, The author of the manga "One Punch Man" himself said that there is no limit to his strength. The things Saitama hit tend to explode with the force of the impact. Saitama's strength caused a building to collapse when he leaped up from it. The upper bound of Saitama's strength has never been measured, as he has not fought an opponent strong enough to test his powers with. Almost all of his opponents were at least city+ when it came to destructive capabilities, but Saitama has easily ended most of their lives with a single punch. He destroyed a city-wiping meteor with a single punch, completely unscathed. Saitama's Super Move "Series" Serious Strike was a punch that had so much air pressure that it split a planet-destroying energy attack in half and caused the clouds in its direction to disperse on a global level, and it is later revealed that Saitama was not actually serious with the punch. Needless to say, his superhuman strength allows him to lift/carry/throw hundreds of tons effortlessly.

    Immeasurable Speed: When it comes to speed, Saitama easily surpasses Speed of Sound Sonic, a powerful villain who transcends the speed of sound, and further into the series he blocks and dodges attacks from Lightspeed Flash, an S ranked hero who claims to transcend light speed. Saitama also easily out-speeds people who have made Sonic and Lightspeed Flash seem slow. Another of Saitama's "Series" was Serious Consecutive Side Hops, by hopping side to side rapidly he was shown to create hundreds of afterimages and is able to walk forward while doing so. Another feat of speed he sports is when he jumped from the moon to the earth in nine seconds after the alien king Boros punted him to the moon. To put that into perspective, he has the jumping power to go anywhere around the earth and travel 13% the speed of light. During his "hero registration test," Saitama ran a casual 5-second mile, which would put his effortless, running speed just over 700mph. Obviously, Saitama can achieve speeds several times the speed of sound without any significant strain or effort.

    Immeasurable Agility: Saitama possesses extraordinary agility and can perform many acrobatic and athletic maneuvers with proficiency, he can also dodge attacks from enemies far faster than light speed like Speed-O-Sonic and Flashy Flash with little difficulty.

    Saitama is also extraordinarily flexible and can pass even through the most narrow and tight places, which makes his dodging ability even higher.

    Extraordinary Senses and Reflexes: Saitama is able to hear, see and smell far beyond normal humans can, he can easily follow an object or person even if it goes at light speed without losing focus on it. He can easily read, dodge, and counter-attacks and techniques from any enemy no matter how powerful, fast or skilled may be. He can also hear conversations from people miles away from where he is, he can also feel whenever someone's watching or spying on him and can even predict when someone is in danger or something bad is happening.

    Invulnerability: None of his opponents have been able to so much as put a scratch on him, in part due to the fact that they don't get the chance to. But even when Saitama gave one of his opponents the chance to fight back, Saitama took a punch of someone thrice his size and immensely strong like it was nothing. There wasn't so much as a single scratch on his face. Saitama has taken a kick that sent him to the moon seemingly instantaneously without any harm done. In this same scene, he withstood the pressure of space without any issue. Not even the gravity of a black hole has possessed a challenge for him.

    Enhanced Jump: Because Saitama doesn't have an ability like flying or teleportation, he mostly uses his strength to leap great distances to wherever he needs to go. His greatest leap to date was him seemingly casually jumping from the Moon back to Earth in what seems to be seconds. Saitama is also able to jump in the air, as seen in his sparring with Genos, where they briefly fight in the air and Saitama has no problem following him via jumping.

    Psychic Resistance: Saitama was able to resist being affected by Tatsumaki's telekinesis, and this has been attributed to his immense willpower. It should be noted that Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series, and has been shown to be able to effortlessly call meteors from outer space, and restrain characters as powerful as Garou.

    When Geryuganshoop (Boros' right hand) created a gravity environment that according to him, was equivalent to a black hole, Saitama didn't show the slightest sign of annoyance and could walk as nothing was happening.

    Temperature Immunity: Saitama has shown to be invulnerable to any attack based on temperature or even temperature in general, as fire attacks do seemingly nothing harmful to him. In the opening of the anime, he is seen walking peacefully in a place where is snowing and shows no signs of cold whatsoever.

    Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite having no formal training, Saitama's experience fighting monsters and criminals along with his superhuman physical trait has made him an extraordinarily powerful and skilled fighter. While normally relying on raw power to win, he has proven to be far more skilled and smart than he appears, he can easily read the moves and techniques from enemies far more trained and experienced than him, and can skillfully combine his physical prowess to overwhelm his opponents. Saitama's fighting style is mostly improvised, with basic fighting techniques, but efficient and practical, he is able to strike, counter and attack with great precision and finesse when serious, and has mastery over his overwhelming abilities, and knows how to use them efficiently in combat. Saitama also uses karate chops and some grappling moves.

    Supernatural Accuracy: Saitama always hits his target without failing, he rarely fails a hit when he punches someone, he is shown to be very good at hitting even with objects, as he could hit and kill Geryuganshoop with a rock without even taking the time to aim. He was able to jump from the moon to earth and land in the same place where Boros threw him out of the earth with no problem, later revealing this to be his intention from the beginning as he managed to destroy Boros' ship this way.


    Mosquitoes: As a gag, Saitama had serious troubles tagging a mosquito that was pestering him even though he can react and move at near-light speeds.

    Martial Arts: While a skilled and experienced fighter on his own, Saitama has no skill whatsoever in martial arts, so he can be surprised or outsmarted by enemies skilled in that kind of fighting style, like Garou or Bang.

    Saitama first met Bang when the giant meteor was falling towards Z-City. Bang was amazed by Saitama's strength and wanted to keep a close eye on Saitama. He then started to spy on Saitama, and was greatly surprised to find out that he was actually Genos' teacher. He then started to think that Saitama himself must have an incredible teacher too, but when he asked Saitama about it, he was again surprised to hear that Saitama doesn't have a teacher and destroyed the meteor with his strength alone instead of using a technique. Bang, realizing Saitama's potential, had since then tried numerous times to recruit him into his dojo, albeit unsuccessfully. Bang also showed great displeasure when Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole were trying to drag Saitama into their "newbie crushing", but didn't interfere, since he had faith in him and even declared him to be the strongest person he has ever met, showing a great amount of respect for the (then) C-Class hero. Saitama, while not seeing Bang as a friend and showing disinterest in his martial arts, was still slightly impressed by Bang's abilities from time to time, with the best examples being when Bang defeated him in rock, paper, scissors, and later again when Bang told him how he kicked out Garou after his rampage in Bang's dojo, even admitting that Bang must be "kinda strong". Saitama seems to have some faith in Bang, as he called Bang to assist him in a competition against Fubuki and her Blizzard Group. After receiving his hero name "Caped Baldy", Saitama extremely dislikes it and even compared his hero name to Bang's, expressing jealousy of how cool Bang's hero name "Silver Fang" sounded.


    200 Yen

    A 12-year-old Saitama is dozing off during his middle school opening ceremony. Later, Saitama is relaxing in his bed watching a news report about an escaped mysterious being. Soon after, a teacher berates Saitama for not doing his homework and tells him to meet him in the teacher's lounge after school. After school ended, Saitama is accosted by the two delinquents known as Ripped Uniforms. The two drag Saitama out to the schoolyard and ask him for his money. Saitama refuses and then prepares to fight them, but gets easily beaten up and his money, 200 Yen, gets stolen.

    Piggy Bancon shows up and takes all the money the two delinquents had, including Saitama's money, then runs away. Saitama gets up and chases after the monster. He catches up to it, but gets knocked out for at least an hour. He then shows up at the teacher's lounge, beaten and his uniform torn apart and gets shouted at. After leaving the teacher's lounge, he starts questioning his future. The scene then jumps forward in time to Saitama carrying a child on his shoulders on a snowy hill, having just defeated a snowman monster. The child then asks if Saitama can beat up another snow monster, this one is significantly larger. At this point, Saitama realizes he forgot to take out the trash.

    Brushing Up

    During Saitama's training days where he was aiming to become a hero and had hair, Saitama saved an old lady from a mysterious being. He is rewarded with a year worth of supply of candy. Afterward, Saitama thinks of how he has taken down over 10 mysterious beings since he became a hero for a hobby, how he is not doing it for gratitude, and how he has been pushing his body to the limits.

    On his 300th day of training, Saitama starts to feel unbearable stinging pain. As he does his daily jogging, he starts moving at high speed and thinks of how he is gradually getting used to the training, and how it even gave him a boost in his physical fitness. Saitama shows what he can do by saving a child

    Continuing his thought of his growth, Saitama claims that he is able to move of how he thought superheroes would, but there is still one flaw to his training; the stinging pain, which became more frequent. A mysterious being then appears, boasting about how strong it is, and destroying a nearby vehicle with rapid punches. Saitama approaches the monster but is unsure of his success because of all the pain. The mysterious being is revealed to be the Tiger level monster Personification Of A Light Pull Cord, who talks about how he has changed and claims to be a "God" level threat. Personification Of A Light Pull Cord then notices Saitama coming from behind to attack him, and as Saitama is distracted by his stinging pain, the monster punches him through a truck and into a wall. Saitama then thinks he is at his limits, but then sets his sights on continuing, as he did not come so far for anything. Then, right before Saitama is even capable of returning to the fight, Personification Of A Light Pull Cord attacks him with his Pull Cord Rush. Saitama then appears to be down, and a tooth falls out of his mouth. Saitama then recuperates, much to Personification Of A Light Pull Cord's surprise. Feeling much better now that his decaying tooth is out (which was the origin of his stinging pain), Saitama beats Personification Of A Light Pull Cord.

    Back to the original storyline time. Saitama is seen leaving the bathroom, after seemingly brushing his teeth, and thinks of how maintaining healthy teeth prevents tooth decay.


    During Saitama's first year and a half of training, Saitama is at Z-City's Shelter Nr. 7 hiding from a mysterious being. Saitama then realizes the heroes that were sent to deal with the monster were all defeated, so he attempts to escape, but the other civilians stop him, thinking he has become suicidal. Saitama then notices he has to use the bathroom but cannot find it. He asks a female staff member of the Hero Association where it is, to which she replies there is none, which Saitama states are a huge flaw.

    One hour later, Saitama is struggling with his filled bladder. A person on the phone says that the mysterious being's threat level has just risen to Demon and that they now must wait for the newly formed "subjugation squad", which will arrive in 3 hours. Upon hearing this, Saitama moves rashly and proceeds to punch a hole in a wall, saying that he is going to the convenience store, much to the crowd's surprise. Saitama then runs towards the convenience store and is interrupted by the Magicicada Nymph, who is swiftly killed by the rushing Saitama.

    At the present day, Saitama sees a 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Adult and notes the arrival of summer.

    A New Wind Blows

    After Tatsumaki leaves the fight against Demonic Fan with Fubuki, Saitama shows up and notices that Demonic Fan is not dead, but instead reforming itself. The young member of the Blizzard Group attempts to stop Saitama from going to attack the mysterious being, but Saitama goes anyways and easily destroys Demonic Fan. He patronizes the coward hero, his words reaching the hero. Inspired by Saitama, the hero left the group and started to train himself in order to get stronger.

    What Can't Be Bought

    Saitama tries to withdraw money for drinks but doesn't have enough money. When Bull-Bull is about to rob the bank, Saitama stops him. When Saitama returns home, he is surprised to see Genos bought a lot of the drink he wanted. He later makes Mumen Rider take the drinks.


    A man is standing on the top of a high building, claiming he is about to jump off because his life fell apart. Saitama is sitting on the building right next to the man, eating his lunch. The man thinks Saitama is gonna try and stop him from jumping. As the man is trying to tell Saitama about the harshness of life, Saitama drops a piece of his salmon that he was saving for last, and runs down to catch it, and then jumps back up to the roof of the building at immense speed. The man, in shock over seeing Saitama's speed, slips and falls, but Saitama catches him with his chopsticks, accidentally dropping his salmon instead. Saitama then encourages the man, who is grateful, but storms out angrily. A monster then appears, and Saitama prepares to fight it.

    Big Construction

    Omake 2

    Saitama is bothered by a rock in his boot, one that he got from the moon. He then asks Genos how much is a moon rock worth, who tells him one gram is worth 600,000¥. Saitama then hurries to go sell it, but accidentally drops it in a nearby parking lot. Saitama and Genos spend all night, unsuccessfully looking for the rock.

    Pork Cutlet Bowl

    As Saitama is out on a walk, he is suddenly pulled over by two policemen looking over for any suspicious activity while on patrol. After some discussion, they take him in for questioning. Through further investigation into his background, the two police officers come to the conclusion that Saitama may be the culprit behind a string of grisly assaults that have been occurring around their precinct. While admitting that an unpopular hero is no different than a part-timer, Saitama wonders what the police force's bone to pick with the Hero Association was, before enjoying some pork cutlet offered to him by Chief Kuma. As they Are still conversing, the real culprit behind the assaults appears; a Demon-level monster threat named Surprise-Attack Plum. It starts attacking their establishment. With the disaster at hand, Chief Kuma had to be dragged away from the questioning room to observe the threat. Chief Kuma calls the Hero Association out of desperation. The derogatory second chief of operations for the Hero Association McCoy desired his opposing heckler to cast aside his and the face of the police. Saitama quickly snatched away Kuma's cellphone, crushing it before he could voice his humility, clarifying that neither heroes nor cops do their job because people say "I beg you" and that the man on the other end of Kuma's phone wasn't any kind of hero.

    Saitama offered to handle things on behalf of the men and women of the force and single-handily took out the monster. Outside the police station, where countless bystanders, the local news and a horde of heroes from Z-City Hero Association Headquarters sent by the duplicitous operator McCoy who leaked the information to the media and sent out every available upper-rank hero in order to further disgrace the police. McCoy's plan backfires when a lone police officer steps out of the building carrying out the downed creature on his back, much to everyone's shock and awe as well as McCoy's chagrin. All the news channel sponsors present at the scene bustle their way into a police blockade, desperate to know who the mystery officer was that took out the monster attacking them at their office. Before anybody could thank him, Saitama had already left the scene, content with having helped the police save face.

    Lost Cat

    Saitama is sent to look for a lost cat named Torako. He gets attacked by a Grizzly Nyah and defeats the monster.


    After being called over to Bang's dojo, Saitama learns that Bang received some lobsters from his brother and needs someone to help him eat them. Genos complains about them being called out for something insignificant, but Saitama tells him to stop, saying that they're only helping a lonely old man with his food problem. After Charanko arrives with the vegetables, they start preparing the hotpot while talking about a recent dojo hunter that has been attacking other dojos. Saitama notices that there isn't any cabbage, interrupting the conversation, which annoys Charanko. After some quarrel between Genos and Charanko, the latter challenges Genos to a match, but Bang tries to calm down the situation by saying that he will go buy the cabbage and asks Charanko to get along with the other two.

    After preparing the hotpot, they hear a loud voice calling a challenge. Inside the dojo enter a large group of martial artists, claiming to be from the "Harsh Path Style" and asking for Bang, master of the "Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist", so that they may crush the dojo. After Charanko chastises them, saying that this dojo does not tolerate dojo hunting, the martial artists challenge him instead and assault him. Charanko tries to call for help, but Saitama and Genos are still cooking the hotpot and are not aware of what is happening. After Charanko is kicked back and almost lands on the hotpot, Saitama catches him using his chopsticks. One of the martial artists sees the lobster and moves to crush it saying that it is a luxury not fitting of a martial artist, at which point Genos launches across the room, saving it. When the group tries to attack, Genos knocks one of them through the wall with a single push, leaving a hole in the wall. Saitama praises Genos, saying that while it might not be their job to subdue dojo hunters, these ones had crossed the line, at which point they try to attack him. Saitama quickly grabs and throws all of them using his chopsticks, leaving several more holes in the wall. After Bang arrives, he seems rather upset about the condition of the dojo and asks the last remaining member of the group if they had done it. When the guy tries to say it was Saitama and Genos, Bang angrily says that they are the ones picking a fight here. After the group leaves, Saitama is seen enthusiastically enjoying the hotpot.

    Struggle of the Blizzard Group

    Saitama briefly appears to take care of a monster in the business district.


    King is showing Saitama a new anime series about a superhero who uses baked potatoes as weapons, telling him that it is very popular, much to Saitama's uncertainty. Genos arrives from the cleaners with his hero uniform, much to Saitama's excitement, while King is questioning the matter. Saitama says he entered a hero costume contest and asks King to join him since there is prize money, but King declines.

    At the center, Saitama and Genos notice a crying boy, wearing only a pair of shorts. The boy informs them that he is always bullied because his father makes him wear tacky clothes and that the bullies took his clothes earlier, while his ticket was in his jacket. Saitama gives the boy his hero uniform and tells him to go home. Genos wonders how Saitama will win the contest without his costume, only for Saitama to have backup clothes underneath, which he won from Mouse Sushi by filling out a stamp card.

    The contest begins, and Saitama appears last. While walking down the catwalk, many comments were made with Saitama informing everyone he is a B-Class hero and will show them his special power - wiggling his ears. The head judge Torajirou criticizes Saitama for his lack of fashion sense and scorns him as a horrible person, based on his clothes, not allowing Saitama to speak. Just as the judges were about to give him his score, Game-Berus appears at the stadium attacking the audience. The heroes that were there are easily defeated, and just as the monster was hurling towards the judges, Saitama steps in and kills it with one punch. This action gained favor in Saitama from the audience, nevertheless, he received a total score of 8. As he was heading home, he meets the boy from earlier and the boy returns Saitama's hero uniform, thanking him.

    After the contest was over, Torao confronts his father and explains he doesn't like the clothes he was given, as Saitama taught him to never let anyone tell him what to like or not.

    Tatsumaki's Day Off

    Saitama briefly appears, killing monsters that Tatsumaki wanted to.

    Catch & Smash

    Saitama is looking for a monster in the K-City Nature Park when he bumps into a fisherman. Saitama and the fisherman have a short conversation about the fisherman's philosophy, allowing an opponent to grow and have another matchup. The fisherman then manages to catch the "King of the Lake", but it is eaten by Lord Great White, the last survivor of the Seafolk invasion. Afterwards, Saitama quickly takes care of Lord Great White and parts ways with the fisherman. On his way, Saitama thinks about the fisherman's statements and tries applying them to his hero career, remarking that, unlike the fisherman, he does not have a good competitor. Suddenly, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic appears before Saitama and challenges Saitama to a fight. He uses Smokescreen Shuriken against Saitama, then attempts to attack with Wind Blade Kick from behind. Unfortunately, while trying to regain his vision, Saitama accidentally elbows Sonic in the groin. Sonic once again has to retreat in pain, while Saitama wonders what he did was an example of catch and release.


    As part of her ongoing efforts to recruit Saitama into her group, Fubuki challenges Saitama and his group to another match with the losers having to do whatever the winner says. The next day, Saitama, alongside "his group" consisting of Genos, Bang, and King all arrive at the Blizzard Group's hideout and Saitama signs their contract without even reading it.

    Quickly caught in a video game contest, Saitama, Genos, and Bang all lose in rapid succession to the Blizzard Group. However, when it is King's turn to play, he dominates the games and quickly beats all thirty present Blizzard Group members.

    Later, the group encounters Child Emperor with his new invention Okame-Chan and Jumping Spider who was rampaging in the area. King and Saitama both get ratings of "unknown" from the device, according to Child Emperor the device has a certain limit if a person is too strong or weak. When Fubuki gets rated by the device, however, it registers her as 20 when the average C-Class is 100. After Fubuki falls into depression, Saitama snaps her out of it by telling her to stop caring so much about what others think of her.

    With Fubuki snapped out of her depression, she easily destroys the parasites produced by Jumping Spider after he died. With the battle over, Saitama reminds her that she owes him a favor, ultimately treating Saitama's group to a dinner at Restaurant Mammoth.

    One-Punch Man Holiday Special Chapter

    When asked about his holiday plans, Saitama says that he is probably just going to eat some oden.


    King is visiting Saitama and showing him a new series called ZOO-MEN. Genos arrives and King asks what Genos' opinion on team-based heroes is, which the former completely disregards along with the show. Genos then hands Saitama a letter from the Hero Association.

    At Z-City's Hero Association Branch, the staff is explaining to the B-Class heroes; Wild Horn, Pink Hornet, Trap Tengu, and Smell Master their mission to capture a Wolf level monster. Wild Horn is assigned as the leader. The location of the monster is in the forest between Z-City and Y-City. Wild Horn gives orders to the other heroes to catch the monster, but only entrusts Saitama with a map. Saitama offers himself to handle the monster if the plan goes awry and things get out of hand, which offends Wild Horn and prompts him to demonstrate his weapon. In the forest, the heroes prepare traps and notice scratch marks on the trees, while Saitama is distracted by a vending machine. This annoys Wild Horn, who lectures Saitama on his lack of heroism. As the heroes go ahead, Saitama notices a large hole in the vending machine and footprints. Saitama tries to warn the heroes, but they leave him behind.

    In the forest, Scaledon falls into the trap, after it was lured by the scent. The monster tries to break free, only to release another trap. Smell Master attempts to use a smell to paralyze it but is struck by the monster's attack. The mysterious being breaks free and quickly devours the heroes. Saitama appears shortly after by following the sound, complaining he was left behind and demands for the monster to spit them out. The monster promptly eats Saitama as well, causing the hero to come to the conclusion that bringing in the monster alive isn't an option. He meets the eaten heroes in the stomach and punches the monster, killing it, stating they share the responsibility. Thinking to himself, he realizes that fiction and reality are different, and working alone is for the best.

    At home, King asks Saitama about his mission, while they play a video game. Saitama expresses his belief about teamwork and its shortcomings. While Saitama's video game character gets poisoned, he asks King for help, only for the latter not to provide any after what Saitama said earlier.

    King's Weekend-like Weekday

    Saitama was supposed to meet King inside a restaurant but was late. He appears at the end of the omake, defeating some assassins that try to kill King.

    Disaster Level

    After Saitama saves a street food vendor from a monster, the vendor thanks Saitama and asks about disaster levels. Saitama simply does not know and instead asks for a baked potato.

    Saitama later passes by and Withered Sprout and the monster use a sneak attack and freezes Saitama. Saitama easily breaks his glaciers, but Withered Sprout attacks Saitama again only to be killed by Saitama's punch, for freezing his potato.

    Saitama later meets Genos, who is burning a pile of monster corpses, and explains he got damaged by a Demon-level monster, but Saitama was simply trying to roast his potato.


    Vaccine Man attacks A-City as the Hero Association's staff rush to get in contact with as many heroes as possible. Saitama kills the monster before any S-Class heroes arrive. Shortly afterward, King stumbles onto Vaccine Man's corpse when picking up his video game, Moe Moe Chronicle 2 from the floor, and is mistaken as the monster's killer.

    A Hopeless Swimmer's Counterplan

    Saitama and Genos are at the beach when Saitama asks Genos if he can swim. Genos explains that Dr. Kuseno made him some parts for swimming and leaves to prepare them. while relaxing in the ocean, Saitama wonders where Genos is and calls out his name. Suddenly, a periscope lifts Saitama, revealing Genos as a submarine with Saitama yelling to get a hold of himself.

    Reality Punch

    Saitama is walking around Z-City reading a manga, thinking about the manga hero's journey, finishing moves, and hypothetical monsters. While wandering, Saitama encounters three monsters called the Tempest Brothers. The monsters are annoyed by Saitama's obliviousness to their presence, but after Saitama easily kills one of them, the other two run back home.


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