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Sailor Venus!
Sailor Venus!

Sailor Venus was the first of the Sailor Senshi (scouts in the U.S.) to be awakened by the moon cats. She was in England when she met the cat Artemis who gave her a magical pen that could transform her into Sailor V. While in England she adopted the codename Sailor V (and thus the title of the series prior to Sailor Moon) and fought a small branch of the Dark Kingdom (or negaverse in the english dub) called the Dark Agency. While in England she made friends with an Interpol officer named Katarina.


While she was in England she went by the alias Sailor V and became the resident super heroine. During the later half of the Codename: Sailor V series she fell in love with a man named Alan, but could not it clear to him. During the last two volumes she decided to tell Alan that she loved him, until Sailor V was ambushed by Danbourite (the leader of the dark agency) there was a huge battle that led to the battle location (a warehouse on the outskirts of London being obliterated by sailor V's sailor full power Crescent Beam attack and Danbourite's dark energy. Katarina (whom had been watching the fight from outside with the other Interpol officers) thought that her friend Minako had been killed, and Alan consoled her, but Sailor V was actually watching from the shadows, so she left for Tokyo with Artemis to let them be together.


After she returned to Tokyo, Artemis informed her that the other Sailor Senshi had been awakened and that she was the princess of the planet Venus and that it was time for her to drop the allies Sailor V and finally become Sailor Venus. Minako did as she was told, but not before saving the other Senshi and Tuxedo Mask from Kunzite and Zoizite. Much to Sailor Moon's happiness Sailor V revealed to them that she was the last of the Inner Senshi. With the team all together the final battle with the evil Queen Beryl approached. On the way to D-Point, Sailor Venus was the 3rd senshi to sacrifice herself for Sailor Moon. What happened was Sailor Moon sat to rest, and the ground beneath her started to glow red, Sailor Venus pushed Sailor Moon out of the way and was grabbed by a DD Girl's vines. Sailor Moon then offered them the Silver Crystal in exchange for Sailor Venus, but Sailor Venus angrily declared that their losses would be for nothing. Sailor Mars then forcibly drags Sailor Moon away. Sailor Venus is then pulled under ground were she comes face to face with a DD Girl and kills her with a Crescent Beam at point-blank range, killing herself in the process. Sailor Venus's role in the series is consistent throughout the series. Personality-wise, Minako is very flirtatious and even more playful than Usagi, although she takes her role as a Sailor Senshi very seriously as a result of having been one for the longest amount of time.

Minako Aino is the civilian identity of Sailor Venus/Sailor V. She aspires to be a pop idol and has an excellent fashion sense. She is overall a good student in school but finds subjects like Math, Science and Social Studies boring and enjoys PE because she can show off the physical skills she learned as a Senshi. Her least favorite food is Shitake Mushrooms.


Minako's role in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action series was radically different from other continuities. She first appears in her Sailor V persona and battles Tuxedo Mask, the two determined to find both the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess. She has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only a short time to live, eventually passing away in one of the final episodes. As a civilian, Minako is a teen idol who is very serious about her work and her identity as a Senshi. Unlike the anime and manga, Minako chooses to keep mostly to herself, although she did become close to Rei Hino. She also masqueraded as the Moon Princess to throw the Dark Kingdom off while she found the real princess. She is later resurrected by Sailor Moon at the end of the series.

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