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    Haruka Tenō is part of the Sailor Senshi. Her war name is Sailor Uranus and, with Michiru and Setsuna, she is part of the Wars of the outer solar system.

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    Sailor Uranus is the Sailor Soldier of the Wind and Skies, under the protection of the Heavenly Star, Uranus. She is one of the four Outer Senshi who inhabit the outer planets of the Solar System. She fights with the element of air and uses a talisman called the Deep Space Sword. In her civilian form as Haruka Tenoh, she is a very masculine tomboy who likes to drive cars and wear the boys uniform to school. She and her fellow Senshi, Sailor Neptune, are lesbians, and have the most famous relationship out of all "out" anime/manga couples.

    Haruka has precognitive dreams which warn her of "ill omens" about to occur. This does not appear to be one of her Senshi powers since it is active regardless if her other powers are working or not. She wields energy from the sky and hurls it at the ground, causing earthquakes as an attack. She calls this "World Shaking". She seems very strong in battle, persumably enhancing her own physical prowess with magical energy. In civilian form, Haruka is athletic but not superhumanly so.

    In Other Media


    Sailor Moon (1992)

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    Sailor Uranus appears in the original Sailor Moon TV series, voiced by Megumi Ogata in the Japanese version, and by Sarah Lafleur and Erica Mendez (in the 2013 redub) in the English versions. The original English dub famously tried to censor Urans' sexuality by claiming she and Neptune were "cousins" instead of girlfriends, a change that was done away with in the 2013 redub by Viz.

    Sailor Moon Crystal

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    Sailor Uranus appears in the third season of the reboot, which is closer to the original manga. She is voiced by Junko Minagawa.


    Shuu Shitsuki as  Sailor Uranus
    Shuu Shitsuki as Sailor Uranus

    Sailor Uranus appears in a number of the Sailor Moon stage shows. She has been portrayed by the following actresses:

    • Sanae Kimura
    • Nao Takagi
    • Asako Uchida
    • Akiko Nakayama
    • Shuu Shiotsuki

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