Sailor Moon SuperS #4

    Sailor Moon SuperS » Sailor Moon SuperS #4 - Sailor Moon SuperS 4 released by Tokyopop on No Date.

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    Sailor Moon SuperS 4
    Act 8 Dead Moon Dream:
    Venus and the other soldiers huddle around Bunny and Darien's bodies.  The girls then all panic as their skin all start melting off.  Elsewhere Luna and Artemis worry about the Sailor Soldiers since they have lost contact with them.  Darien tries to snap the girls out of the nightmare that they have fallen into caused by Zirconia's spell.  As they all come to, they are surprised that Darien was able to overcome the nightmare on his own and vow to be as strong so that they can continue to protect their prince and princess.  The soldiers combine their powers to try to overwhelm Zirconia.  The plan works and Zirconia falls back while the Soldiers follow after her.  Zirconia retreats into a large Mirror which leads into the realm which Queen Nehellenia resides.  Bunny enters the mirror as well, but the remaining soldiers are unable to get through.  Bunny arrives at the grand throne room of Nehellenia and notices that Chibi Moon and Saturn are trapped within the floating glass shards.  Using her powers, she is able to free them from their trap.  The three girls engage battle with Queen Nehellenia but she is too strong.  Bunny yells out through the mirror for the other girls to break the mirror on their side.  As they begin to shatter the mirror, Nehellenia is cracking along with it while Zirconia watches from the shadows.  As the realm begin to fall apart Bunny, Rini and Hotaru make their escape, Hotaru notices the gems that trapped the Quartet and grabs them as well.  As they make it out, they see that the Dead Moon Circus flying ship is taking off to Elysion.  The soldiers follow them with Sailor Teleport.  As the soldiers arrive at the Elysion shrine, Rini notices Helios inside his prison.  Bunny prevents Rini from going too close to the cage.  Rini calls out to Helios but he does not respond.  Suddenly the dead moon ship lands and Nehellenia appears to them as a giant floating mirror.  Sailor Moon uses her attack on the mirror but it is reflected back at the soldiers and they are trapped within Sailor Moon's Kaleidoscope attack.  Nehellenia seizes the opportunity to steal Sailor Moon's silver crystal.  Using the power of their love, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask power through and frees everyone.  The other soldiers lend support to Sailor Moon and with everyone's power behind her, Sailor Moon is able to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.  
    Act 9 Earth and Moon Dream:
    A newly powered up Sailor Moon uses her new powers to destroy Nehellenia and Zirconia.  The earth and Elysion begins to return to its normal state.  Rini rushes over to Helios' body to check on his condition, and then leans over to give him a kiss.  Through her love for him, she manages to forge a crystal of her own, the Pink moon crystal.  As Helios begin to come to a vision of Rini's future self is seen by him and he realizes that the true maiden he was looking for was Rini after all.  Rini tells him to come outside to see what has happened and he comes out to see that Elysion is back to it's beautiful state.  Helios then encases Darien's Golden Crystal into a mystic cane and present it back to him.  Bunny and Darien then disappear out of their Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask forms and transform into Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.  Sailor Saturn then steps forward to Neo Queen Serenity and asks her to revive the Amazoness Quartet who are still trapped in the gem.  The Queen complies and releases the trapped quartet.  As they are freed, they are no longer in their Amazoness Quartet uniforms, but are now in Sailor Soldier attire.  They introduce themselves as Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta, the Asteroid Soldiers.  Sailor Ceres steps up and explains that they are premature Sailor Soldiers who's Sailor Powers were still dormant, however Nehellenia sensed their powers and forced them to awaken and do her evil bidding.  Now that they are freed from Nehellenia's nightmare curse, they thank Neo Queen Serenity and the soldiers and bid farewell as it is still too early for them to act as Sailor Soldiers.  Before they leave, they tell Chibi Moon that their true waking is the day when Chibi Moon will stand alone as a proud sailor soldier and that the four of them will be her guardians.  That will be their true purpose and calling, and they fade back into slumber in the stars.  Sailor Chibi Moon vows that one day she will be a strong sailor soldier, a real lady.  Helios then offers to take everyone back to Earth.  Rini asks Helios if she will ever see him again and he responds with a smile.  As he takes off back to Elysion, she promises him that they will meet again and that her true dreams will come true some day.  
    Rini's Diary
    The last chapter in this story arc is a bonus mini adventure that revolves around Rini going to the dentist.

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