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    Sailor Moon SuperS 3  
    Act 6 New Soldier's Dream:
    A young Hotaru sits idly alone while reading aloud a book.  She has aged quite considerably since the last time she is seen when she was reborn into a baby after sacrificing her life to help destroy Master Pharaoh 90.  While driving in her car, Haruka reminisces about Bunny and says to herself that her true dreams and desire is to live in peace in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden with her true love and her child.  A man in a car pulls up next to her car and asks her if she would like to go for a drive together and get some coffee, Haruka quickly rebuffs the man and races off leaving the rejected man stunned.  In a book store, Michiru is browsing the selection of books alone where she runs into a male fan of her violin music.  He exclaims that he has all of her CDs and wishes to shake her hand, but before he is able to, Haruka intercepts his hand giving him a stern handshake and thanks him for buying Michiru's CD.  A clearly jealous Haruka puts her arm Michiru and escorts her out of the store.  As they walk out, it is revealed that it has only been six months time since they restarted their lives with the newly reborn Hotaru.  Michiru sees a sale on diapers, milk, and other baby products, and Haruka reminds her that their Hotaru is no longer a baby and has outgrown the need for such items.  Back at their home, Setsuna is working on the computer while an angry Hotaru is throwing a temper tantrum in the kitchen.  Haruka and Michiru arrive back home and Hotaru quickly bolts to them and she asks for Haruka to come play the games they played together the other day.  Haruka denies Hotaru's request saying that today is her violin practice with Michiru and sends Hotaru to get dressed.  Michiru walks into the kitchen distressed about her broken glass china while Setsuna explains the situation.  Michiru says that she is not angry at Hotaru because of the situation, but she seems fearful that Hotaru's rapid aging is due to the fact that Hotaru might be reawakening as a Sailor Soldier again.  Though it has only been six months since their departure from the rest of the Sailor Team, Hotaru has grown up to be a young toddler already.  The three older Outer Sailor Soldiers have been trying to raise the fast growing Hotaru as their own with Setsuna being in charge of education and discipline, Michiru with food and health, and Haruka with play time.  Setsuna reveals in a flashback that the mysterious eclipse that occurred in the first issue had an effect on them as well, while Setsuna felt a disturbance in the flow of time, she tried to transform to survey the situation only to find out that she has lost her powers.  Although she and the others initially believed that they have lost their powers because they have completed their mission and are no longer needed in the battle, but Hotaru's rapid aging is telling them otherwise.  While Hotaru is playing the violin for Michiru, an image of a Pegasus appears before them and a vision of Rini chases after it.  Hotaru chases after the vision of Rini and Pegasus and in a flash, Pegasus is dead and Rini is crying.  Hotaru says to Michiru that the girl in her vision looks familiar, and says she must be upset that Pegasus is dead.  Michiru embraces Hotaru, fearing that Hotaru has to go into battle once again as a Soldier at such a young age.  Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka all fear that their perfect lives will be shattered once again by the stir of evil, and that they can no longer be in hiding.  Hotaru and Haruka are playing their "game" in which Hotaru is able to create a mini holographic replica of the galaxy.  Haruka looks at the Earth's Moon and think of Bunny once more wondering how she and the others of the inner Sailor Soldiers are doing.  Suddenly the Earth and the Earth's Moon fade to black and Hotaru is unable to keep up the hologram and it all fades.  Haruka then tells Hotaru that  it is bedtime and sends her to bed.  Setsuna says that all the strange events and Hotaru's rapid aging and visions must be a sign that a new enemy is present.  Michiru exclaims that she already knows, that all of them know, but are helpless to do anything about it because of their power lost.  They all have to accept that they are no longer needed for the fight if they cannot transform.  While alone in her room Hotaru sees a vision of Sailor Saturn, Saturn tells Hotaru that she is the "sleeping you" and that it is time for her to "wake up".  Visions of the Sailor Team fill Hotaru's mind, and the symbol of Saturn flash on Hotaru's forehead.  At this point, Hotaru has aged back to her original age when she first became Sailor Saturn before.  The newly aged Hotaru walks out and confronts Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna and tells them that the time has come for their new awakening.  She says that the situation is now different and they no longer have to fight from afar, and that it is time that both Inner and Outer sailor soldiers must now fight alongside for their princess.  Hotaru thanks Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka for raising and guiding her, but now it is time for her to lead them.  Hotaru grants the other three new crystal brooches, the symbol of the new soldiers.  A disturbing vision of the Prince and Princess flash before them and the flowers in their garden all wilt.  Hotaru exclaims that they must not waste time and that they must reach the others before it is too late...
    Back to where Mina was, she screams in agony for Artemis as he is crushed under the boulder.  Mina apologizes for all the teasing and mean things she's done to Artemis and for taking him for granted, she says that her whole body is in agony with the thought of losing him.  Suddenly the boulder moves and a hand reaches out for Mina's hand.  A humanoid Artemis appears before Mina and pulls her up.  Artemis explains to Mina that he knew that she could not transform, he continues to tell her that it was because that he as her partner was not strong enough.  Reunited, their friendship ignites the power within them and the Venus crystal appears for Mina.  She quickly transforms and uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock to destroy the monster that VesVes conjured to attack Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.  They are excited and happy for Mina that she has regained the power to transform, Mina thanks Artemis in her mind.  The celebration is cut short and the four Amazoness Quartet battles with the four Inner Sailor Soldiers.  Palla Palla, Ves Ves, Jun Jun, and Cere Cere have the upper hand in battle, but before they can finish the inner sailor soldiers, four mysterious figure appear before them.  The inner soldiers are in shock to see that it is none other than Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, the outer sailor soldiers.  The eight sailor soldiers join forces and engage in battle with the four amazoness quartet.  Elsewhere, Rini senses Hotaru's presence, the deep aqua mirror that Neptune had entrusted to her flashed a reflection of the four outer sailor soldiers.  Rini takes the mirror and rushes to Bunny's room, but she already knows.  Rini magically sends the mirror back to its rightful owner and she and Bunny both agree that they must reach the others.  Bunny tells Rini to go on ahead and that she will be right behind her, Rini transform and leaves.  Bunny and Darien come together and talk about the dire situation, although they are both feeling the effects of the demonic eclipse, they find the resolve to fight on anyways.  With the Outer Sailor Soldier's help, the Inner Sailor Soldier quickly regains the upper hand against the amazoness quartet.  As Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo mask arrive on the battle scene the soul hermit Zirconia appears and greets them all. while the quartet sneaks off.  Zirconia unleashes a curse upon Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.  A vision of Helios appears before Chibi Moon and Saturn and they both chase after it while the rest of the sailor soldier tend to Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.  Chibi Moon and Saturn arrive to another circus tent and the amazoness quartet are ready for them.  They engage in battle and both Rini and Hotaru realize that the amazoness quartet are not their true enemies.  Just as Hotaru is able to reason and reach out to the four Amazoness Quartet, Zirconia scolds the girls for betraying the Dead Moon Circus and sends them back to slumber.  Zirconia then focuses on Chibi moon and Saturn, although the two try to resist Zirconia's powers, they ultimately become overwhelmed and fall to the soul hermits power being turned into broken glass shards.  Zirconia then gives the shards trapping Saturn and Chibi Moon to Queen Nehellenia who laughs at the two imprisoned soldiers.
    Act 7 Elysion Dream:
    A child-like Bunny wakes up to a child-like Darien, in what seems to be Bunny's dream.  Darien offers to cook her breakfast, do her homework, and wishes to one day marry her, an idea which Bunny revels in.  A voice calls out to Bunny and she wakes up from her "dream".  Bunny is disappointed that it was a dream, but knew that it was too good to be true.  The two of them are with the humanoid Helios which tells them to be quiet so that they are not found out by the evil Queen Nehellenia.  Helios explains that they are in Elysion, which is the home to the Golden Kingdom.  Helios explains to Darien that his family has guarded Elysion for centuries, and explains the history behind Elysion further.  He says that the Silver Millennium protected earth from the outside while the Golden Kingdom protected earth from the inside, and it was this goal that brough Princess Serenity and Prince Darien together.  With the power of the Silver Millennium Crystal and the Golden Kingdom Crystal, they were able to keep peace on earth.  Helios tells the revelation of the maiden he is looking for, and believes that Bunny is that maiden.  He tells her that it is time for her to break the seal of the golden crystal.  Bunny asks for the location of the Golden Crystal, but Helios simply replies that nobody knows where it is.  Bunny deduces that like the Silver Millennium Crystal was found within her, the Golden Kingdom Crystal must be sealed within Darien as well.  Darien is skeptical about this, but Bunny assures him telling him that it was he who has always given her the strength to continue onward and that he has guided her through her difficult journey as a sailor soldier.  Just like when he was able to call out to her and snap her out of her dream.  She tells him that in her dream, he asked her what her dream was, and she reveals to him that her true dream is to protect earth to keep all of its inhabitants happy alongside with him, her true love.  Bunny then asks Darien what is his dream and he responds with to protect the earth together with her as well and the two of them embrace one another.  Suddenly Bunny spots a cage which contains Helios Pegasus form, as she tries to free him she is shocked with dark energy.  Queen Nehellenia senses their presence and teleports to the prince and princess.  Bunny vows that Nehellenia will never win and will not allow her to further harm the trapped Helios.  Bunny and Darien shields Helios and with their strong resolve, their aura's glow radiantly.  Helios notices this and realize that the golden kingdom crystal is indeed sealed within Prince Darien.  Queen Nehellenia scoffs both Bunny and Darien and attacks them with a wave of dark power.  Helios quickly acts and prays upon Elysion to give him the strength to protect both Darien and Bunny, and he gathers enough power to teleport them away, as Nehellenia's attack hits Helios.  While Merucry, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus try to figure out what happened to their prince and princess, they are relieved when both Bunny and Darien once again appear before them due to Helios' power.  The reunion is cut short as they finally realize that Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn are still missing after chasing after the vision of Helios.  Nehellenia is furious that the prince and princess manage to escape her grasps and Zirconia tells Nehellenia to leave the sailor soldiers to her to deal with.  Zirconia casts a spell which causes the nightmares to fill the earth with dark energy.  As the sailor soldiers feel the full effect of the spell, they are quickly overwhelmed.  Helios sensing their troubles, prays to Elysion one last time to aid the sailor soldiers.  Helios sends all the power he has left to clense the earth of Zirconia's curse and Helios seemingly dies.  Helios appears as a vision to Prince Darien once more and says that he was glad to have been able to meet him, the maiden, and the young maiden.  Zirconia feels that Elysion's protection of the earth is weakening and appears before the sailor soldiers again.  Soul Hermit Zirconia then unleashes a powerful beam which impales both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as the other sailor soldiers watch in horror at the shocking scene.  Both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's bodies fall onto the ground covered in blood.

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