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    Sailor Moon SuperS 2

    Act 4: Jupiter Dream

    Rini reminisces about the kiss Helios gave to her alone in her room. Bunny comes in and asks Rini if she would like to go visit Darien, but all Rini has on her mind is Helios so she passes. At Darien's apartment, the spirit of the four generals watches as Darien's condition deteriorates. Bunny arrives at Darien only to be asked to leave, she is upset, but complies. Meanwhile, Lita and the other girls visit the Crossroads shopping district to check out the new sales since the Circus arrival. The girls are suspicious about the Circus, but nothing can be done just yet and they leave. Lita runs into Rini who asks her for cooking advice. Lita agrees to help Rini cook a meal for her "boyfriend". While at the grocery, they are lured into a shop called "Herb Heaven" by Hawks Eye who is disguised. They are given free gift charm rings and continue to shop around. Back at Lita's place, Rini helps Lita prepare meal, although Lita is a bit distracted. Once done, Lita puts on her free charm ring and thinks about her aspirations and dreams while Rini leaves to visit Darien. Rini tells Darien about her day and gives her charm ring to Darien as a get well gift and leaves him so he can rest, but as she leaves Darien closely examines the ring after hearing from Rini that she received it from one of the shops at the Circus. Lita feeling lethargic, inadvertently goes back to Herb Heaven to talk to the salesperson who gave her the free charm rings (who is Hawks Eye in disguise). As Hawks Eye work to manipulate Lita's will nightmare lemures begin to pour out of the charm ring that Lita is wearing. The amazon quartet appear and consume Lita in nightmares. In a battle of wills, Lita is able to overcome the nightmare with the help of her guardian spirit inside her subconscious. With a new drive, she powers up and transform and uses Jupiter Oak Evolution to destroy Hawks Eye. Rini and Bunny who senses Sailor Jupiter danger, arrive onto the scene. Feeling that the situation is grim, the quartet fall back for now. Suddenly Rini's bell begin to ring and she senses that Helios is calling to her for help, and she realizes that Darien is in danger from the ring she had given him. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon arrive just in time to destroy the nightmare lemures that are spawning from the evil charm ring. Though they soon see that Darien's condition has gotten worst as he is now coughing black blood.

    Act 5: Venus Dream

    As Bunny and Rini rush to Darien's side, the manifestation of Helios appear before them. Helios begin to explain that he is the Priest of Elysion who acts as a guard to Prince Darien and the world of Elysion. He explains that it is because of Elysion being corrupted by nightmares that Darien is feeling the effects of it as well in his body. Helios says that he is only an illusion and that his real body is now trapped in a form of a Pegasus in a cage. Helios says that now that he has found the maiden(referring to Rini) who can help find and bring out the golden crystal that Elysion stands a chance to be saved. With his powers growing weaker, the illusion of Helios fades away before more could be said. Bunny is distraught that without the Golden Crystal, Darien, Elysion and Earth can not be helped, and she breaks down into Darien. The next day, Rini and the four inner soldiers talk about their dire situation and compare themselves to the Outer Sailor Soldiers on how they would respond to the situation. As everyone leaves, it is revealed that Mina cannot transform and she has been keeping it secret from the other girls. Artemis offers her words of comfort telling her that her time will come eventually and that after all, she is the leader of the inner soldiers. The amazon quartet who are spying on the sailor soldiers through mirrors find out about Mina's inability to transform and decide to exploit her weakness. The following day, the four inner scout meet again and the topic of the Outer Sailor Soldiers is brought up once more. Raye says that they need someone with Michiru's intuition since Michiru's senses are impeccable, especially since Michiru owns the Deep Aqua Mirror. Ami adds that with Setsuna's computer program, she was able to research important information. Lita continues on saying every time she hears a helicopter she expects it to be Haruka, and if they had a helicopter to use it would help them out in their fight as well. Mina says it is useless to talk about people who aren't even around anymore. Lita replies that they all simply miss them is all. Feeling the anxiety of being unable to transform and her lack of special skills, Mina has a meltdown yelling that she is a horrible leader and runs off. A mysterious man bumps into Mina and offers her an audition claiming he is a talent scout for the Dead Moon Circus. Mina tells the others that she is going, but they all tell her that its probably a trap. The audition takes place in a Jungle where there is a tower with trapped children on the top. The announcer says that the first person to rescue the children on top of the tower will win a lead role in a motion picture a giant cash prize. The contestants all make a mad rush towards the tower and the quartet soon unleash a volley of boulders upon them. Sailor Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury arrive just in time to rescue them all. Jupiter and the others then tell Mina to transform so that they can take on the quartet together. Mina tries to transform but fails as she knew she would. The others are stunned that Mina can no longer transform. Mina tells Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury to help control the contestants, while she goes after the children and she runs off on her own again. As Mina climbs the tower to help free the children, the children all transform into nightmare lemures. Mina falls down a trap door but Artemis extends his arm to her as she falls. As Artemis tries to hold onto Mina, the quartet send boulders to crush Artemis. Mina yells out to him but is too late as it appears that a boulder has crushed him.

    The Exam Battle Mini Chapters

    The next following three stories are mini bonus chapters that follow the girls on mini adventures!

    Episode 1: Lita's Melancholy

    Episode 2: Amy's First Love

    Episode 3: Raye and Mina's Girl School Battle



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    Story Arcs

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