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With the Dead Moon crisis past, Sailor Chibi Moon heading home to the 31st Century, and all the Sailor Soldiers reunited, everyone is content to begin living their lives normally again. 
However, a new, and possibly the greatest, threat emerges. Sailor Galaxia, the Soldier of Destruction, wants the Silver Moon Crystal and the Sailor Crystals of the Solar System, and dispatches her Sailor Animamates to collect them. 
Sailor Moon and the others are shocked that their enemies appear to be fellow Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Siren, and Sailor Lead Crow, all loyal soldiers of Galaxia, arrive on Earth looking for the Sailor Crystals. But three new, mysterious allies appear, the Sailor Starlights. Sailor Star Fighter, Maker, and Healer, but whose side are they really on? Plus the arrival of a mysterious little girl who might or might not be Sailor Moon's second daughter from the future, and three pop stars becoming students at Usagi's high school. 
As her friends and lover die before her eyes, will the future Sailor Moon knows ever come to pass? And if it does, will it be the same?

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