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    Ami is one of the main characters in the anime/manga Sailor Moon. She is also Sailor Mercury and is the 'brain' of the group.

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    Ami Mizuno is a genius schoolgirl who transformers alongside Usagi and the rest of the group as Sailor Mercury. She was the first member of the Sailor Scouts to be 'awaken' and is 'the brains' of the group. Her powers are able to control ice and some water.


    Ami's most obvious personality trait is her intelligent in both the anime and manga. She is rumored by other characters in the series to have an IQ of at least three hundred. Her classmates see her intelligent with both amazement and jealously. When she was first shown in the manga and anime her peers viewed her as snobby instead of shy and she also had a hard time making friends because of this. Ami is described as sweet, gentle, loyal and slightly insecure person. In the beginning of the series she relies on the approval of everyone around her however as the series progressed she slowly becomes a stronger and more confident character. She is the most sensible of the main characters and is usually the only one embarrassed when the group has a 'dumb' moment.

    Throughout all of the series in both Manga and anime, Ami spends almost all of her free time studying and reading. This is because she dreams of become a doctor like her mother. Even though she is 'a brain' she enjoys the arts, pop culture and romance novels but is usually too embarrassed to admit it.

    Besides reading she also enjoys playing chess and swimming, she states that those two help her relax. She loves all classes but favors mathematics the most. Her favorite foods are sandwiches (because she can eat them with one hand and hold a book with the other) and anmitsu. Her least favorite food is yellowtail. Her favorite animal are cats and her favorite color is aquamarine.

    Ami is almost the only girl in the series whose family is really ever mentioned. Her parents are devoiced and she lives with her mother who is a doctor and is hardly ever at home. Her mother is a workaholic but Ms Mizuno is portrayed as a good person. Her father is never named but is stated in the manga and anime as a painter. Her father is also never seen but he seems to always send Ami postcards on her birthday. In the manga Ami's mother is revealed to be somewhat rich, this is stated because they live in a condominium.

    As Sailor Mercury

    Ami is also secretly Sailor Mercury in the manga/anime. Her uniform color consist of shades of blue. She is also known as Soldier of water and Intelligence, Soldier of Wisdom, Soldier of Justice and Wisdom, and Soldier of Love and Exams. Ami's personality as Sailor Mercury isn't very much different from her own. Sailor Mercury's abilities are water and ice-based, this is because of Japanese mythology. Almost all of her powers are more strategic than offensive and has access to various computerized equipment to help her out in studying the enemy.

    The following is a list of the magical phrases and attacks that Sailor Mercury uses:

    -Mercury power, make up. She says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.-Mercury star power, make up. She says this to transform into Sailor Mercury. This first appeared in Sailor Moon R episode 62.-Mercury crystal power, make up. She says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury. This first appeared in Sailor Moon Supers episode 151.-Shabon spray. This is Sailor Mercury's attack. This attack sends blinding bubbles creating a fog and somewhat freezing the enemy to confuse and reduce the visual range to her enemies.-Shabon spray freezing. This is Sailor Mercury's powered attack. Similar to Shabon spray only now it completely freezes her enemy. This first appeared in Sailor Moon R episode 53.-Shine aqua illusion. This is Sailor Mercury's new attack. An Ice and water storm appears around her and she shoots it at her enemies or objects and freezes them to keep them from movie. This can also destroy the enemy. This first appeared in Sailor Moon R episode 62.-Mercury aqua rhapsody. This is Super Sailor Mercury's attack. She plays a note on a water harp that then shoots a stream of water at her target, destroying them or wounding them. This first appeared in Sailor Moon Supers.


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