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    Rei Hino is a Shinto priestess and schoolgirl who transforms into Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon anime/manga.

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    Rei’s history is pretty much the same in each different version of the Sailor Moon story (Anime, Manga and Live Action), but her personality varies wildly. In the manga she is calm, serious and practical. She works at a miko or shrine maiden at the Hikawa Shrine, and is shown to have an affinity with two crows that live there. In the manga, when Rei was a child the two crows, “told” her that their names are Phobos and Deimos. Rei Distrust most men and discourages her friends from developing romantic relationships.

    In the anime Rei is almost the opposite. She’s fiery, boy crazy and ambitious, longing to one day become a singer, model and voice actress. She favors pop culture and shows musical talent of her own. She can play the piano, sing, and composes all the songs for a school festival. Rei frequently engages in petty arguments with Usagi, who she sees as immature, and although she becomes calmer as the series progresses, remains somewhat more of a typical teenager than her manga counterpart.

    Rei goes to a different school form the other scouts, namely TA Private Girls School, a Catholic institution run by nuns. She herself is a practitioner of Shinto, living and working at Hikawa Shrine with her maternal grandfather, who is he head priest. Her mother passed away when Rei was very young and her father is a high-class and famous politician who cares more about his job than about her and only visits Rei on her birthday. She carries a certain amount of bitterness towards him, especially in the live-action series.

    Other characters frequently comment on Rei’s beauty and elegance. In her first appearance, these traits even lead Luna to suspect that she could the Princess they have been searching for. However, her strange psychic talents have caused some people to be afraid of her and her distant nature makes her unreceptive to close friendships. Rei does love the friends she has, which consists entirely of the other Senshi, and although she sometimes adopts an aloof, big-sisterly attitude around them.

    Because of the lack of respectable males in her life (In both the manga and live-action series) Rei harbors a generally low opinion of all men. She considers them emotionally weak and untrustworthy and seems genuinely uninterested in romance. The only romance known in the manga is a man by the name of Kaidou who was one of her fathers workers. In the anime however she dates Mamoru Chiba for a short while before he and Usagi become friends.

    Rei’s lifelong dream is to become the head priestess at Hikawa Shrine, and much of her life is influenced by spirituality, particularly in the manga. Meditation is given as her strong point, and she enjoys fortune telling as a hobby. Her favorite subject is ancient writing and her least favorite subject is modern society. She is also involved in the Archery club at her school. In the manga its mentioned that Rei enjoys fugu, which is highly toxic and is a delicacy in Japan. She also likes pandas, the colors red and black, dislikes canned asparagus, men in general and television. In the English manga it states that she does enjoy Buffy.

    Just as Rei is more fiery in the anime she is changed once more in the dubbed series. In the dubbed series she is more harsh with Usagi and tells people off or is rude to them, were in the original she is only mildly frustrated.

    In the live-action series, Rei’s personality is based more on the manga than on the anime. She has a difficult time trusting people, even her fellow Senshi, and has a tendency to rely too much on herself. She claims to dislike karaoke but is later coerced by Minako into posing as an idol. She has a complex relationship with Minako; though they often disagree and compete with each other they also share great respect. Minako even sometimes lets her guard down around Rei, and confides to her about what she feels is her destiny as a Senshi.

    Sailor Mars

    Rei is also Sailor Mars in the anime, manga and live-action sereies. She wears a uniform colored in red and purple long with red high heels. In the magna and live-action series she has a small red jewel at the waist. She is called different things thought the series such as, Soldier of War and Soldier of Flame and Passion. Her personality is the same as both a Senshi and just as Rei.

    Most of her attacks are offensive, she also possesses a certain amount of psychic ability and is able to do fire-readings, sense danger and subdue evil spirits. In both the manga and live-action series she is known as the secondary leader of the Sailor Scouts after Sailor Venus.



    • Mars Power, Make Up- Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor mars.
    • Mars Star Power, Make up- Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Mars.
    • Mars Crystal Power, Make up- Used her Crystal Change Rod to transform into a super version of Sailor Mars.


    • Akuryo Taisan-one of Rei’s powers as a miko. She throws a ofuda at the enemy while yelling “AKURYO TAISAN.” When the ofuda is placed on the opponent it could immobilize them or purify them of an evil influence. (Also called Mars Fireball Charge in the dubbed).
    • Fire Soul- Sailor Mars shoots a fireball from her fingertips. (Also called Mars Fire Ignite in the dubbed)
    • Fire Soul Bird- A more powerful version of Fire Soul that takes shape of a phoenix. (Also known as Mars Firebird Strike in the dubbed)
    • Burning Mandala- Sailor Mars’ upgraded attack in which she shoots rings of flame at her enemies. (Also known as Mars Celestial Fire Surround in the dubbed)
    • Mars Flame Sniper- Sailor Mars Fires a flame arrow at her enemies.



    • Mars Power, Make up- Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor Mars.
    • Mars Star Power, Make Up - Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Mars.
    • Mars Planet Power, Make Up - Used the planet powers granted to her by Neo-Queen Serenity to transform into Sailor Mars.
    • Mars Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Mars Crystal to transform into a super version of Sailor Mars.


    • Akuryo Taisan - One of Rei's powers as a miko. She threw an ofuda at the enemy while yelling "Akuryo Taisan."
    • Burning Mandala - Sailor Mars shot rings of flame at her enemies.
    • Mars Snake Fire - Sailor Mars created a snake out of fire that attacked her opponent.
    • Mars Flame Sniper - Sailor Mars fired a flame arrow at her enemies. She gained this power after transforming with the Mars Crystal.

    PGSM (Live-Action):


    Mars Power, Make Up - The only transformation phrase used by Sailor Mars in PGSM.


    • Akuryo Taisan - One of Rei's powers as a miko. She threw an ofuda at the enemy while yelling "Akuryo Taisan."
    • Youma Taisan - A live-action only attack. It was similar to Fire Soul, but in this version Sailor Mars formed a fireball between her hands and threw it at the enemy.
    • Burning Mandala - Sailor Mars's strongest attack in PGSM.
    • Unnamed attack - Sailor Mars used an attack which was not named on screen, in which she used her Sailor Star Tambourine to send red star-shaped energy toward her target.

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