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Proper Japanese Title: 最強ジャンプ (Saikyo Janpu)

Saikyō Jump is one of the numerous Shueisha manga magazines under the Jump line, specifically being aimed at the shōnen market. While most magazines launch as a special issue of another already-established magazine, Saikyō was fairly unique for starting out as a joint special issue of both V Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump.

As a special issue it was quarterly and released four issues cover-dated for 2011 before properly launching as its own independent magazine a year after its debut as a special. Unlike most other manga magazines, Saikyō Jump is much more focused on the magazine than the manga, filling itself with promotional material and collectibles.

The manga within are almost all gag manga or chibi spin-offs of established manga franchises and like V Jump, it has a significant Dragon Ball focus but also includes manga spin-offs of video games.

From Shonen Jump, its ties are much more minimal, though it has run many gag spin-offs of successful serials from that magazine including: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Bobobōbo Bōbobo and Toriko.

It is the most niche of Shueisha's ongoing shōnen manga magazines, having a significantly smaller audience than most of its peers. Likely due in part to this, it slowed its publication rate from monthly (2012-2014) to bi-monthly (2014-present).

Note: The numbering for this series is set up as year and then month, 201301 for January 2013.

Serializations in this magazine have included:


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