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    Though he has no real name, Sai is a member of Danzo's "Root," a secret group in Konoha that swore to do whatever it takes to protect the village. He is currently in the war against Madara. Married to Ino Yamanaka and had a son with her named Inojin.

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    Birth Date: November 25Age Line: 16-17

    Blood Type: A

    Highest Rank: ANBU

    Height: 172.1 cm. Weight: 53.3 kg. Known Relatives: Shin (adopted brother, deceased)


    Tsunade was pressured into making Sai Sasuke's replacement in Team 7, but Naruto and Sakura were also met by a new group leader, Yamato. They set out to meet Sasori's spy and get information from him, possibly even capture him for further questioning. On their trip the group came to know each other better, but Naruto had already previously met Sai, who attacked him in Konoha. Although Sai exclaimed that he merely wanted to test his teammate a little bit. Sai had the habit of insulting others (unintentionally) and saying what's on his mind, not considering others' feelings... or rather, not understanding them, which caused alot of animosity between him, Naruto, and Sakura. But Sakura was intrigued by Sai and sought to learn a little more about him; she found out that he's a painter and he told her that he was trained as a small child not to have any emotions and it's hard for him to understand emotions or even the bond that Sakura and Naruto have with Sasuke, admitting that he didn't even cry when his brother died. He also informed her that he has been trying to simulate emotions after learning what he reads in books, but nobody believes them. She came across a picture book that Sai was working on and asked if she could see it, but Sai told her that he didn't want anyone seeing it.

    Sasuke & Sai Arc

    Back on their mission, the spy turned out to be Kabuto who was secretly a double agent, actually working for Orochimaru. He and Orochimaru planned on killing Sasori right then and there and that's when Team 7's plan fell apart, but Kabuto and Orochimaru too realized that they were tricked. The Kyuubi's chakra began to flood out of Naruto as he sprouted four tails and attacked Orochimaru, scaring Sakura. Sakura and Yamato had a brief scuffle with Kabuto, but Sai was mysteriously absent in all of this. Kabuto informed Team 7 that he and Orochimaru don't want to fight them, saying that Akatsuki has been a thorn in their side and they're hoping that Team 7 can take out more of their members for them. With no more threat, Yamato took the opportunity to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra within Naruto. While that took place, Sai confronted Orochimaru and offered an alliance, giving Orochimaru an envelope that he was ordered by Danzo to give to Orochimaru. The three took off, but Yamato's Wood Clone followed. Team 7 soon gave chase after Sakura found Sai's picture book laying on the ground. The team started to go through it, trying to figure out it's meaning and find out why he'd betray them. On their way, they came across Sai, having been hung by Orochimaru and Kabuto. This however was a trick meant to halt their pursuit, they followed still.

    At Orochimaru's hidden base, it's revealed that the envelope contained detailed information on many powerful figures within Konoha and Danzo was hoping that they could help each other overthrow Tsunade since Danzo hates her and wants to be the Hokage. Orochimaru is intrigued and has Kabuto put Sai in a locked room. Team 7 are going through Sai's book and they notice that it stars two characters, both of their "stories" start on opposite sides of the book and seem to meet in the center, however the center pages are missing. They notice that one of the characters is Sai who is shown fighting different people on each page, and every next page shows him with something his previous opponent owned. This trend was the same with the other white-haired character, but they had no idea who it was. Team 7 would find Orochimaru's base and find Sai. There, they talked with him and he revealed what he told Orochimaru and what the true plan is... Orochimaru is a threat to Konoha and Sai was supposed to relate any new information about him back to Danzo so that Root can kill him. They talked a little more about Sai's picture book and he reveals that it's his brother in that book... or rather, they called each other "brother." Root is made up of orphans that Danzo trained to be perfect soldiers. Sai revealed that he can send messages to Danzo because of his ability to turn his writings into small animals and send these messages to Danzo safely. Sakura asks if he's the one that killed his "brother," but Sai informs her that she's incorrect and that he died of illness. He said that he came from the two where Zabuza came from She tries to convince him that Sai did have a bond once and that he should understand what her and Naruto are going through. Sai feels like he may understand a little and agrees to help them find Sasuke, and they split up. They have tied Sai and interrogated him about further information about his mission. Kabuto then appeared believing that Sai was tortured and needs to be rescued. The joined forces of the Team 7 was good but quite not enough. Though, as kabuto unties Sai, he attacked Kabuto and declared his betrayal to Orochimaru saying that he wants to know how Naruto feels for his friend Sasuke. Sai then helped the Team 7 look for Sasuke after some interrogations to Kabuto. Due to the hideout's large area, the Team 7 have to be divided. Naruto was with Sai while Sakura is with Yamato. Sai and Naruto then decided to have a rest as they tell stories about each other. Sai compares Narutio to his brother because of many comparable things between the two of them. As Sai reminisces his memories with his brother, Sai finally was able to remember what he is about to draw before his brother passed away. He get his picture book and drew his brother holding his hand and they were both smiling. Despite the happiness that he feels, Orochimaru then appeared and fought them asking Sai who is really his companion. Naruto decided to continue fighting the aforementioned villain and Sai was assigned by Naruto to look for Sasuke. Sai drew a bunch of rats to seek for Sasuke as they seek every corner of their hideout. At last, he have found where Sasuke is sleeping. Meanwhile, Yamato and Sakura have helped Naruto against Orochimaru but he only teleported away to look for Sai. Yamato then looked inside Sai's backpack which he left in the area. He have found out about his Bingo Book. That book is a book where assassins list their targets. The team was surprised as they turn the page and found out that Uchiha Sasuke was one of their targets.

    They open every door in Orochimaru's lair trying to find Sasuke, but Sai is the first to find him. Sasuke asks why Sai would disturb his sleep, and Sai informs Sasuke that he's supposed to kill him. Naruto and Sakura hear a large ruckus and go to see if Sai's ok. They find out that Sai wasn't only supposed to kill Orochimaru, he was supposed to kill Sasuke too... since he's a threat to Konoha aswell. Naruto attacks Sai, but Sai informs them that he was supposed to kill Sasuke, but he decided not to, wanting to learn more about "bonds." They find Sasuke watching them from up high and after a brief talk, Sasuke attacks Naruto but Sai stops him from killing Naruto. After a brief scuffle, Kabuto and Orochimaru appear and stop Sasuke, telling him that they have a temporary truce with Team 7 and leave.

    Team 7 later return to Konoha. They have reported to Tsunade about the events that happened during their mission. Yamato then have revealed Sai's relationship with Danzo which angers her. Sai then went to Danzo and asked him if he can stillstay with the Team 7. Danzo agreed. He then became very serious in studying about making more friends. He have found out that the best way to have friends is to drop the honorifics and make nicknames instead. After conversing with Sakura and Naruto, based on the book, he have called Sakura ugly and led to her being mad. Naruto have tried to stopped Sakura's anger but as only hurt. She punched both of them leading Sai and Naruto's cheeks to be hurt. The team then proceeded to Kakashi's room wherein they had a conversation about their mission. It was the first time for Sai to meet Kakashi. Sai meets Chouji and Ino. Sai having former encounters with the team havefound it uncomfortable to talk with them. However, because of the book that he often reads, he decided to try to became nice to them.Sai thinks to himself that a book said that a good way to make friends was to give people nicknames, so he was about to call Chouji a fatass... but Naruto stopped him. Seeing Chouji get defensive and realizing what Sakura did earlier when he called her "butt ugly," he realized that people don't like to hear the truth, so he calls Ino "beautiful," which makes her blush... but angers Sakura.

    Five Kage Summit Arc

    After the invasion, Danzō is made Hokage. He summons Sai before him and instructs him to keep an eye on Naruto. Sai asks why, so Danzō explains that Naruto, having defeated Pain , is the village's hero and thus more popular than Danzō himself. However, he is still the village's jinchuriki and must be kept in check. Sai is satisfied and goes to meet with Naruto and Sakura. The two immediately confront him about Danzō, asking that he tell them everything he knows. Sai says that he cannot, as the seal Danzō placed on his tongue prevents him from revealing anything about Root. Sakura says it is cruel, but Sai explains that it is for the best since Root has done a number of questionable things to protect the village.

    Sakura refutes his claim, pointing out that Danzō has ordered Sasuke be killed as a traitor. Sai is surprised, Danzō not having told him that during their meeting. They are immediately confronted by ninja who ask for what they know about Sasuke. Naruto, seeing that this upsets Sakura, volunteers to tell them all that he knows. Sai secretly watches the meeting and how Naruto cannot bring himself to sell out Sasuke. Naruto allows Karui to take out her anger on him. Karui happily accepts and begins beating him up, but Sai steps in once she starts to over do it. When Karui leaves, Sai brings Naruto to Kakashi and Yamato and then tends to his wounds.Sai later approaches Sakura, telling her about what Naruto went through with Karui for her benefit. He surmises that Naruto loves Sakura, and that trying to make her happy, such as bringing Sasuke back to the village, causes him constant pain.

    Following the decision to eliminate Sasuke themselves to prevent a war, Sakura asks that Sai help her track down Naruto so that she can speak with him. They find him in thenLand of Iron and Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him, so now he doesn't need to bother fulfilling his promise of retrieving Sasuke. When Naruto claims she is lying she leaves. Because she doesn't mention the decision to kill Sasuke, he leaves a clone behind to tell them what Sakura did not. The clone also adds that Sakura is likely planning to kill Sasuke personally, and mentions that Sakura is in love with Sasuke and wants to stop him from sinking any lower.

    The ink clone helps Kakashi locate Sakura. The real Sai, meanwhile, stops Sakura from knocking out him and her other escorts, having suspected that she would try to get rid of them so she could fight Sasuke alone. Sakura convinces Kiba and Lee that Sai is a traitor and they start to fight him, but this only makes it easier for her to knock out all three. As the ink clone disperses it warns Kakashi of Sakura's actions. Sai and the others are later woken following the meeting with Sasuke, and as they return to the village they are met by three Root members. They inquire about what has happened. Sai affirms that the seal disappearing is proof that Danzō has died. He then encourages them to speak with Kakashi who he addressed as the "new Hokage" about Roots' future.

    Shinobi World War Arc

    Sai is part of the Surprise Attack squad of the Shinobi Joint Forces and they ambush Deidara and Sasori. Sasori uses Sai's desceased "brother" to fight Sai.

    Sai clashes weapons with Shin until his teammates join in. When Deidara detonates the Exploding Clay inside Shin, the blast knocks Sai to the ground. His picture book falls out of his bag during the explosion. As Deidara is hovering in the sky, he complains that Kankurō's puppet smothered the blast. When he refers to Shin as "the bomb", this angers Sai. Sasori states that the Root members and he are much alike since they both have suppressed their emotions. Deidara also taunts Sai, proclaiming that he will turn Shin into a bomb over and over again. Enraged, Sai draws an ink bird and flies quickly behind Sasori and Deidara. He then draws two ink warriors which knocks both Akatsuki members downwards from the sky. At ground level, Kankurō summons two of his puppets, imprisoning Sasori and Deidara inside of them. Sai drops down to engage Shin in combat, stating that their battle would most likely have happened had Shin not died. However, Shin states that their fight was no longer necessary. Seeing Sai's completed picture had unbound his soul, freeing him of the regrets that he had in life. Tears flow from Sai's eyes as Shin's body disperses into ash and dust.

    The Surprise Attack Division commences their ambush, Sai launching several exploding tag-carrying ink birds at Haku and Zabuza's group. And then tells Zaji to send up the flare to aleret the other battalions. Once they meet up with Kakshi's squad they just stand back until Kakashi gets control of Zabuza. Once Kakashi gets someone to seal Zabuza and Haku he ask Sai to use on of his sealing techniques since he was Danzo's prized pupil. Lee and others provide Sai cover so he can complete his Tiger Vision Staring Bullet, then each time one of their opponents are open he seals them away.


    Sai is a great artist and spends his most of his time drawing. Sai's most popular Justu is a kind which allows his paintings to become three dimensional; it is called "Super Beast Imitation Drawing." Sai commonly uses animals or monsters from Japanese folklore of various sizes for his fights, and makes birds for himself or others to fly on. He can also use his drawings to help him scout the area or to send messages to others, as well as carry explosive seals to attack the opponent. He has a jutsu called "Tiger Vision Staring Bullet" in which one of his drawings will emerge and drag an opponent with it back onto the scroll, sealing him/her into the paper. He can also creates clones of himself made out of ink and make a blinding ink haze to hide his escape. He is also skilled using a small sword called a tanto that he carries with him.


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