Sage Force

    Concept » Sage Force appears in 4 issues.

    The Sage Force is an energy field that radically enhances the minds of its conduits.

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    Powers Granted by the Sage Force

    Heat Wave

    1. Pyrokinesis: Heatwave could of generate flame by thought.
    2. Pyrokinetic Construct Creation: Heatwave has demonstrated the ability to shape fire into giant skeletons.
    3. Pyrophysiology: Heatwaves connection to the Sage Force allows him to transform into a giant creature made of blue flame.


    • Psionics: By tapping into the Sage Force, Bashir can augment his mind, allowing to access a range of different psionic abilities.

      • Empathy: Bashir is able to use his powers to of empathy to understand and manipulate the emotion of others.

        • Fear inducement: Bashir can manipulate the fears of other individuals.

    • Energy Projection: Bashir was able to generate blasts of psionic energy.
    • Telepathy: Psych's connection to the Sage Force gives him a strong telepathic mind. With his telepathy he is able to read a person's mind to learn about their fears, history, secrets etc. He can also use his mind to project psionic attacks.
      • Illusion Casting: Psych can cast illusions in another person's mind. He can do so on multiple minds at once.
      • Psychic Link: Psych can establish a psychic link between his mind and another. This allows him to communicate telepathically with people and also allows people to see his thoughts.
      • Mental detection: Negative Bashir was able to sense the Flash's approach.
      • Mind Control: Psych used his telepathy to control the mind of Steadfast to use his powers in order to draw out the Black Flash.
    • Telekinesis: Bashir could move objects with his mind.


    • Enhanced Intellect: As stated by Hunter, the Sage Force enhances his mind, making it greater than the mental capacity of any normal human.
    • Telekinesis: The Sage Force grants Hunter the ability to telekinetically manipulate the movement of objects and others at will.
    • Telepathy: Hunter is able to use the power of the Sage Force to telepathically invade the minds of others.

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