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The Avengers get a taste of Marvel's mightiest malcontents: The Hulk and the Sub-Mariner!

Namor gives us a detailed account of his origin story.

This chapter finds us as Namor leads his people in an attempted invasion of New York City. Krang is delighting in the potential of slaughtering countless surface dwellers. All is going according to plan until the Fantastic Four break free from the trap Namor set for them.

Beaten back to the sea, Namor takes Invisible Woman hostage in hopes of wooing her over. Dorma, however, grows jealous of Namor's affectionsfor the other woman and sets her free. Invisible Woman begins to drown and almost dies after Dorma set her free in the middle of the ocean depths. The rest of the Fantastic Four begrudgingly allow him to take her to help.

Upon his return to Atlantis, Namor finds his people have abandoned him yet again. Spending months using various technology to hunt for his people, Namor chanced upon Hulk. Brnging forth a deal that Hulk can’t refuse, the two decide to take on the Avengers. The battle is in their favor until Hulk inexplicably returns to the form of Bruce Banner.

After fleeing the Avengers, Namor next stumbled upon an alien who was trapped on Earth for millennia. Deciding to use yet another ally in his fight against the surface world, Namor sends the alien out into New York. Elsewhere, Namor accidentally sets in motion the return of Captain America. Ironically, it is Captain America, himself that bests the alien Namor unleashed.

After kidnapping Susan Storm yet again, Namor finally relinquishes his claim on her heart after she “chooses” Reed Richards over him.

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