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Namor Vs. The Thing...and Stingray!

Namor gives us a detailed account of his origin.

This chapter finds Namor freeing himself from the rubble of his battle with Destiny. After befriending the Inhuman Triton, Namor adventures his way back to Atlantis, encountering many foes. After meeting Diane and Todd Arliss, he inadvertently gets swept up in the creation of Tiger Shark.

After spending some time in Atlantis, Namor and Dorma decide to search for Destiny and defeat him once and for all. They track him down to New York and Namor engages him throughout the city. At the moment of Namor’s defeat, Destiny tosses aside the Serpent Crown, falling to his death.

He then embarks on a quest to locate the Serpent Crown. This led him to encounter Thing, who was under the direct control of the Serpent Crown. Dorma also fell under the control of the Crown and nearly killed Namor herself. Namor gave up his quest as soon as Naga obtained the Crown.

His dear friend Seth turned his back on Namor once he realized Dorma would never love him. After besting Seth, Llyra was the next enemy to show her face. Similar to Namor, yet quite different, Llyra would prove quite the thorn in his side. After kidnapping Namor’s new-bride Dorma, she orchestrated Dorma’s death. Enraged, Namor faced not only Lylra but Tiger Shark as well. During this fight, Namor’s long-thought dead father resurfaced only to be killed in front of him.

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