Saga #7

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The Good

SAGA is back! I feel like it's been so long since I've gotten to read a new issue of this book. The warm embrace of my favorite on-going series is back.

The book opens with a scene between Marko and his father, all narrated by Hazel. It's a great time to give a bit of background info on these characters. We get a better understanding for who Marko is, where he came from, and the world he grew up in, and it's only a small taste. The rest of the issue deals with Alana and her father-in-law and Marko reconnecting with his mother.

As you may remember, in the last issue, Marko's parents killed Izabel, the ghost who was connected to Hazel's soul. This issue partly revolves around Marko finding her because she wasn't "killed," only banished to the nearest planetoid. There's lot of small things I love about this issue like the crash helms and how Marko's parents got a hold of them. There's a lot of small reveals in this issue about these characters and their past history that really add to the overall story. Also, I'm not too keen on Marko's dad. He seems like a bit of a scumbag.

Artist Fiona Staples is one of my favorite artists right now, and yes, I know I write that every time and issue of SAGA comes out. Her work is so beautiful and consistent, every single issue. Every panel and every page is a masterpiece. Hey color work is phenomenal and it adds an amazing amount of depth to each panel. Seriously, she's fantastic.

Whether it's SAGA, EX MACHINA, or my personal favorite, Y: THE LAST MAN, writer Brian K Vaughan knows how to put together a brilliant story filled with compelling characters. What I enjoy most about this overall issue is the fact that although this is really the first full issue we've seen Marko's parents, I've already become attached and want to know more. He really has a way at creating characters the reader will gravitate towards from page one. If I could, I would high five him, a lot.

The Bad

That was the most disturbing beast I may have ever seen in a comic book. It will haunt my nightmares, mostly because of its giant, disgusting genitals. It's drawn insanely well, but it's creepy. Some things cannot be unseen. This is one of them. Fiona Staples... This is all on you.

There's a lack of secondary characters here. We only briefly see The Will and Prince Robot IV.

The Verdict

SAGA is the best on-going series currently on the shelves. To me, it's one of those books that has yet to do anything wrong. Sure, I have these annoying minor complaints here and there, from issue to issue, but these problems don't affect or sway my final opinion of the overall book, even if it is a giant beast with giant, disgusting genitals that will always be in the back of my mind.

This isn't just a must read issue. It's a must read book. Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughan are my personal favorite creative team, and with good reason, they are consistently amazing every issue.

Issue 7 of SAGA may not be a good place for new readers to jump in on, but I'd still say pick it up and find the back issues. Overall, I highly recommend this issue. Seriously.


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