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Saga Volume 2 Review

Brian K. Vaughan continues to give a truly breathtaking experience with this volume, giving some wonderful developments for out main characters, whilst also having some interesting sub plots for the accompanying cast. Vaughan also creates some intriguing and entertaining interactions throughout this volume, with the inclusion of Marko's parents adding a lot of tension and intensity to the story. The narration also continues to impress, with it once again giving a very unique and deep tone to the series. Added to this the introduction of more new characters along with yet another gripping cliffhanger and I can't wait till volume three is released.

Fiona Staples also continues to impress with her astonishing artwork, with the detail yet again being to a very high standard. Staples also produces some terrific layouts, which help the story flow very smoothly (especially between issues). It was however the way that Staples showed the characters emotions through the facial expressions that appealed to me the most, as it gave so much tone and realism to the series, also adding more drama as well. If that wasn't enough the colours were also once again fantastic, with Staples giving continuing to give the perfect overtone and finish to her art.

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