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    Language magician.

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    Safeword first appears in Incorruptible #17 among a group of super villains including Tumult and Charlie Hustle.


    Safeword was created by Mark Waid

    Villain to Hero

    Much like Max Damage, Safeword starts as a villain and later becomes a hero, calling herself Hate Crime. She changes her outfit but little else changes about her in regards to looks or powers. Her change seems to be based on feelings she has for Alana Patel which seem to range from strong platonic friendship to romantic. She is also friends with Lieutenant Armadale and mourns his suicide.

    Safeword in her new costume as Hate Crime
    Safeword in her new costume as Hate Crime

    Powers & Abilities

    Safeword/Hate Crime seems to only have one power, despite being referred to as a language magician, when she says "Stop", those who can hear her must stop anything they are doing and are frozen in place for about one minute.


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