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    Safa is a aging lioness living in the Baghdad Zoo with a group of lions. After home is destroyed they must learn to get along to survive. She holds the Pride together and is probably the most wise and moralistic member.

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    Safa is a one eyed lioness who lived in the wilds before being caught by humans and relocated into a Zoo in Baghdad, Iraq. She shares an enclosure with three other lions, Zill the eldest male lion, Ali the youngest of the group, and still a cub, and Noor, Ali's mother, and the supposed brains of the group. Safa is the most assertive member of the Pride and holds the group together better than the supposeded leader, Zill, whom she already has bad history with. She feels an almost motherly instinct to protect the young cub Ali, who has not been introduced to the hardships of the world. It is revealed that she was forced to mate with three different males, one after the other, and was scarred by them after it. She swore to herself after that incident that she would never let a male or anyone else for that matter take advantage of her.


    Safa is a Vertigo character appearing in the graphic novel Pride of Baghdad released in 2006. The book was written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by Niko Henrichon.

    Powers and Abilities

    Safa has much of the typical attributes that a lion should possess. Superhuman speed, vicious ferocity when needed, natural hunting abilities and superhuman senses. Safa is particularly wise, having lived for many years than most lions typically.


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