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Sadie was a young woman that Jack Knight bumped into around Opal, often receiving the sharp edge of her tongue when he did. Despite this, they began a relationship and were soon very much in love. But , Sadie was keeping a secret from Jack: she was the sister of former Starman Will Payton, and believed that Will was still alive. She was afraid that if she told Jack this, it would be the end of their relationship, but instead, because he loved her so much, Jack agreed to go to space to try and find Will Payton. While Jack was in space, Sadie decided that if Jack was doing something for her, she should do something for him and took over his responsibility to help Jon Valor prove his innocence. This led to her becoming entangled in Nash's second crime wave in Opal City. Once this was over, and Jack returned to her, she discovered she was pregnant with his daughter and decided she had to leave, terrified by the  life that Jack lived. After she had settled in San Francisco, she wrote to him and begged him to join her there, and - giving up  his role as Starman and taking his son with him - Jack did.

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