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    Hudson Logan is the son of Wolverine on Earth-982(MC2). He is also the half-brother of Wild Thing.

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    Sabreclaw is a son of Wolverine and the half-brother of Rina Logan. Sabreclaw was a member of the Revengers. The Avengers, with the assistance of several allies were able to defeat the Revengers and turn them over to the proper authorities. However, over time, Sabreclaw switched sides in order to help the Avengers stave off the threat of Galactus. Afterward, he petitioned the Avengers for membership and, while initially suspicious of Sabreclaw and his motives, the Avengers accepted him to help in battling Sylene, the daughter of Loki.


    Sabreclaw was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

    Character Evolution

    Sabreclaw (Hudson Logan)
    Sabreclaw (Hudson Logan)

    His encounter with Spider-Girl came when he tried to get his half sister Wild Thing arrested, but Spider-Girl and Psi-Lord defeated him. He's had a grudge against them ever since. He was part of the the Savage Six, to get his revenge on Spider-Girl. Then he joined forces with Enthralla, to attack his sister, J2, and Magneta. Hudson later joined the Revengers to attacked the Avengers. During the Last Planet Standing story arc, Hudson joined with the Avengers to help them to stop Galactus from attacking the Earth. Afterward, he was brought into the Avengers, but the team was suspicious of him and his motives. Nonetheless, Sabreclaw is accepted as a member of team after battling against Sylene.

    Powers and Abilities

    Regenerative Healing Factor

    Like his father and sister, Hudson’s primary power is his healing factor which lets him regenerate destroyed bodily tissue or mend broken bones. It is unknown, however, whether or not his healing factor is powerful enough yet to regrow destroyed major organs or missing limbs like his father can. His healing factor also gives him immunity to drugs and toxins, and disease.


    Hudson possesses super strength (his strength is said to be greater than that of father and sister). He also commands enhanced stamina, agility and reflexes, enabling him to move quicker and fight longer than a normal human being.

    Fangs & Claws

    Hudson also has claws like Wolverine but unlike his father, whose claws are housed in his forearms, Hudson’s are more like Sabretooth’s claws which are smaller retractable claws in each finger tip. The claws are razor sharp and can rip through flesh, bone and even some metals. In addition, all of his canine teeth are larger and sharper than a normal humans.


    Sabreclaw is a very good hand to hand fighter but not as skilled or as deadly as his father, Wolverine. It is unknown where he was trained or who trained him. Hudson’s style also differs from Wolverine’s style of skill and brawling. Hudson’s style is to be savage and quickly kill his opponent.


    He wears adamantium sheaths to further enhance the strength and already razor sharp edge of his claws.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 198 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Brown


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