Character » Sabre appears in 6 issues.

    An urban vigilante. Sabre is an unforgiving crime-stopper, with his vigilantism occasionally resulting in at least one criminal ending up dead when he's involved.

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    Sabre is an important Character in the Halcyon story. He was First seen stopping criminals who were fleeing from the police. Devlin is accompanied with Evie his dog. The agent later asked Sabre if there was anything wrong because usually somebody dies when he is on scene. Sabre and the other members of Halcyon discovers that through some way criminal activity is reduced till zero. Devlin decides to research the strange phenomenon. He discovers quickly that Oculus (the archenemy of Halcyon) made a device that turns off aggression in any person. He searches the device, he wants to destroy it because he feels it’s not right to manipulate every person on the planet. Sabre then goes to the only place where he believes the machine can be (the secret lair of Oculus). The other members of Halcyon wants to stop him at the lair and Devlin kills some members of Halcyon (he can use aggression because when you are close to the machine it doesn’t work). He needs to retreat because Amanda is too strong to defeat but Sabre will continue his mission and he uses Oculus gadgets, vehicles, etc who Oculus gave to Devlin.


    Sabre is describe as a homicidal psychopath.

    Powers and abilities

    Devlin can fight good and masters some fighting techniques. Devlin is a very intelligent person. He uses gadgets who are mostly are created by his own. One of the gadgets is a device who neutralizes any person’s powers.


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