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    Saboteur was one of the earliest foes Tony Stark faced as Iron Man. She first appeared in "Iron Man:The Iron Age" #1 (August, 1998) in a tale set very early in his career. She was defeated and did not resurface. An identical looking Saboteur appeared in "Heroes for Hire" vol. 2 #6-7 (March- April, 2007) allied with Grim Reaper and Man-Ape. She was killed by Grim Reaper while trying to calm him down.


    Saboteur was created by Kurt Busiek and Patrick Zircher in 1998 and first appeared in Iron Man: The Iron Age # 1.

    Character Evolution

    In "Marvel Comics Presents" #5-7 (March - May, 2008), yet another Saboteur appeared. She revealed that there is actually a succession of women using the identity, under the direction of Roxxon. The original was the Iron Man foe, the second one was the one killed by Grim Reaper, an undepicted third one did not survive her training and the one in this story was the fourth. No Saboteur has been given individual names yet. They appear identical to each other but whether they are clones of the original has not been explained.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Saboteurs are masters at manipulating machinery and reprogramming devices. They employ numerous weapons in battle, including handguns, machine guns, grenades, anti-magnetic hover mines, electro-disruptors, jack-hammer shells, shrapnel charges, smokescreen pinwheels and corrosive gas.


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