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    X-Force battles a rampaging Juggernaut in the streets of New York while Black Tom threatens the lives of very powerful businessmen. Spider-Man swings by to help in any way he can.

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    Sunspot's father had been killed by operatives of Gideon. Gideon, acting with many ulterior motives, takes Sunspot under his arms and trains him up to be the leader of the da Costa family business. Sunspots first chance as an actual executive comes at being able to take on the Jankos merger.


    Fearing a corporate buyout of her company, Arianna Jankos hires Black Tom Cassidy to extort money from the assembled businessmen, among which are Gideon and Sunspot. Black Tom agrees to this heist as long as Ms. Jankos uses her company's technology to locate the Juggernaut and bring him back to the main reality. She is able to do so and the two men take the businessmen hostage.

    Siryn is the first superhero on the scene and tries to take the Juggernaut out. It doesn't work and she quickly joins X-Force in their endeavors to end the crisis. Warpath takes on the Juggernaut and is joined later by Feral and Shatterstar. They are joined by Spider-Man. Despite all their assembled skill, the Juggernaut proves too tough an opponent to defeat. Upstairs, in one of the towers of the World Trade Center, Cable confronts Black Tom, who all-too-readily blows up the tower. While the rest of X-Force search for survivors of the blast, Cable finds Black Tom and shoots him enough to kill him. Unfortunately, Deadpool teleports Black Tom away to Tolliver before he dies.

    With Black Tom out of the way, Cable heads downstairs to confront the Juggernaut. Before things can get messy, though, Deadpool teleports the Juggernaut away. Just then, G.W. Bridge appears and tries to arrest Cable. Cable simply bodyslides away with his team.


    Siryn ends up joining X-Force and soon becomes a leader.

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