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    Sable’s intuition has morphed over time, so that she has become the subject of much speculation that she in fact possesses precognitive abilities.

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    Sable the Detective
    Sable the Detective

    Sable is very mysterious with sparse details known about her or available to most. She is a superhero crime fighting detective and appears extremely competent and incredibly intelligent able to solve problems and mysteries with relative proficiency and thoroughness. What is known about Sable, is that she first became active after the actions of the sociopath killer Mister Chuckles which resulted in the deaths of a bus full of passengers. Sable was able to identify and follow Mister Chuckles as the perpetrator despite a lack of solid evidence. Sable's ability to plan and combat crime is so efficient that many have speculated that she is actually a psychic or telepath. Whether or not this is true is unknown, but regardless aside from that Sable is a prime example of human physical fitness, ability and skill, with uncanny intuitive ability, extreme resilience and durability, and she is aided by many various gadgets and devices. Aside from Mister Chuckles, she also has run ins with other villains, most frequently Melody Toon and the Cube.

    Sable has served in many superhero teams, such as Protectors of Earth and the Gateway Army and alongside Meridian, Nephilim, Dragonfly, Omni-Engine and Warrior Woman in Second Force.

    She has trained and had a protégée in Mink after finding the young girl Marti-Anne Marten as a teenager struggling with drug abuse and prostitution, Sable would step in and help her find her feet. Although Sable would help Marti-Anne Martin recuperate and grow into a competent and skilled superhero as Mink, the two would eventually reach and impasse and have a falling out, with Mink deciding to break out on her own, and trying her hand as a solo hero.


    Sable is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Sable is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series. Sable bears many similarities to DC comics Batman character, this is most likely intentional given the nature and idea of Deathmatch.

    Character Evolution

    Sable is presented as the intelligent reserved and calculating detective hero in Deathmatch, drawing on many of the traits of the detective archetype that many other detective characters tend to, including Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Constantine. This is reenforce throughout the series with references to the character as cold, cunning and heartless, not by her enemies, but actually her closest confidantes and team mates. Sable in her parallel to DC comics Batman also is paralleled with Batman's symbolic adversarial relationship with the jester character Joker, with Mister Chuckles serving as Sable's Joker.

    Sable alongside Dragonfly serve as two of the more major characters in the series, appearing more than any other characters and with much of story seen through their eyes and perspectives.

    Major Story Arcs


    Sable finds herself imprisoned within a enclosed complex trapped with a large number of other superheroes, all sharing similar experience and confusion over the nature of their abduction. They have no idea how they got there, where they are, or who is keeping them restricted. They know that that some figure or entity is also somehow forcing them to engage in lethal one on one combat with other each other and that this is being broadcast to the other heroes not participating. They are all also aware they are being systemically pitted against each other and that something is affecting their memories and personalities at times. There are also powerful light guards that restrict physical hostility unless its as a part of the death matches. After Dragonfly's death match with Apex is over, Sable approaches him. Sable questions him as she intends to try and unsolved the mysteries they are confronted with, even complimenting Dragonfly on how well he kept his anonymity despite her efforts to identify his civilian persona. Sable is sympathetic for what Dragonfly has experienced but also tries to steer the conversation towards identifying the threats and problems they face and the most effective and efficient solution to implement. During the second death match between the heroes, this time Electronika versus Nephilim, Sable is sneaking around the complex. As Nephilim deals the final death blow to his long time ally, Sable comes across the Rat who has just killed one of the light guards.

    Great Minds

    Sable and the Rat observe and analyze the dead light guards body questioning and theorizing the nature of them. Despite some of his strange verbal mannerisms, The Rat makes some valid observations and requests Sable to use her detective skills. Sable notes that its comprised of semi translucent material, and theorizes its nano robotics or nano mites, and that its cold to the touch and frictionless. She continues to state the level of technology is highly advanced, more so than anything she has ever seen. That it can't be carbon based, possibly silicone but that she would need more tools and equipment to know for sure. The body of the dead light guard would start to become unbalanced which would draw the attention of the rest of the light guards. The Rat would tell Sable to strike him to help cover their actions, and she would comply then tell the rest of the light guard the incapacitated light guard was an accident. They would seem to believe her leaving her to integrate with the other superheroes and drag the Rat away.

    More Deathmatch's

    Sable and Chuckles
    Sable and Chuckles

    Sable would sit and discuss what happened with Dragonfly where they would continue trying to figure out the situation with Sable still motivated to getting out of there. The next death match would start, this new battle between Monkey and the Cube with Sable paying close attention. Cube would end up the victor, killing Monkey brutally with his toxins, and Dragonfly still curious about Sable would talk to Mink, a superhero that use to train under Sable and presumably knew her well. Mink would describe Sable as stone cold and that he was better off not knowing. More death matches would take place with Omni-Engine killing Supercollider, Sol Invictus killing Replic 8, and George Truman killing Dog 54 Alpha. Sable would make her way to find her arch nemesis Mister Chuckles, insisting he convince her this wasn't all his doing or game. She would threaten him with dismemberment if he was the cause of this senseless violence, with Chuckles insisting that it was beyond his means.

    Sable would continue to threaten him with violence with Chuckles removing his mask to reveal a scarred visage and pointing out that he likes dogs, and that he saw Dog 54 put to death. Talk of a temporarily alliance was mentioned but dismissed, both Sable and Chuckles aware they would eventually put against each other, Chuckles making sure to tell Sable he knows he is going to enjoy killing her.


    Sable would report back to the rest of the heroes explaining that it wasn't Chuckles. This would lead to a small argument amongst the group resulting in a shocking turn when Meridian would kill Berserk with his laser vision. After the incident with Meridian, all the participants of the death matches would be on edge and attempting to find out what was happening. Sable would convene with Manchurian, George Truman, the Rat and Dragonfly, and talk would turn to discussion of the Intelligentsia. Only Manchurian and Sable would find that name familiar with Manchurian filling in details for the others, speaking of a powerful organization behind the scenes, behind the shadows secretly controlling unfathomable amounts of finance and power and wielding incredible influence and ability. Manchurian would even explain how he almost was killed by even learning of their existence, Sable would affirm Manchurians claims with her own experience of uncovering them a few years after Manchurian, both proposing the idea that the Intelligentsia's potential role in the death matches, although Sable is skeptical.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sable possesses no superhuman abilities or powers. In spite of that she is considered one of the most capable, proven and effective crime fighters. To such an extent and point that some suspect and accuse her of actually having super powers, in the realms of super powered precognition or intuition. Whether true or false Sable's intuition and deductive reasoning are very acute and extraordinary. Her fitness levels, stamina, durability, physique, resilience, mental toughness, fighting ability are all above average and in the upper echelons of human ability. Her strength and fitness level is comparable to a highly trained gymnast and she has mastered numerous fighting styles. Sable is also aided by various gadgets and devices, that allow her greater maneuverability, the ability to scale heights, as well as for offense and defense purposes. Sable is outfitted in a battle suit and keeps her identify masked at all times.


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