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    Sabine was a lieutenant of the Angelus Warriors. In hopes to be the next Angelus she became the wielder of Wheel of Shadows instead.

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    Sabine is Second in command of the Angelus Warriors, and leads them when the Angelus is hostless. When Celestine chose to keep her personality, it seemed that the Angelus had abandoned her cause and her warriors. After two new artifacts appeared and the Darkness' host took interest of it's child with the Witchblade, Sabine tracked down Celestine in a bar in order to convince her to join them again in the fight against the Darkness. Her talk was eventually interrupted by three mortals, and while she quickly disposed two of them, before she could dispose of the third, Celestine stopped her and took the kill for herself, thus choosing to join the ranks again. In the fight where all the players came together, Celestine was ultimately killed, leaving the Angelus force without a host yet again. Sabine, believing that she had earned the right to be chosen as the next bearer of the Angelus, was more than disappointed when the Angelus spirit chose to flee and search for a new host instead. Being leaderless again, Sabine once more took control of the Angelus Warriors in an attempt to further tip the balance in favor of the Light. Sabine wanted to assure her rightful place as Angelus host by killing Sara Pezzini, the chosen Witchblade bearer.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sabine wants to take both Witchblade wielders with her and control the balance, but Patrick Gleason chases Sabine away threatening her with Hope. Sabine orders him to choose which wielder he wishes to save, forcing Patrick to ultimately choose Sara. Sabine then takes Danielle Baptiste with her and offers her help retrieving the other half of Witchblade. Dani then leads Sabine and a number of Angelus Warriors to the Brooklyn Bridge, which has been transformed by Sara's use of the Darkness. Dani instructs Sabine and the warriors to wait for her, however, the Angelus Lieutenant comes to Dani's aid just before she is stabbed by Sara who now wields the reunited Witchblade. Sabine and the other Warriors seem to be quickly overwhelmed before an Angelus possessed Finch arrives in time to save them and heal Dani. Although Sabine remains disappointed, she still claims that her only interest is serving the Angelus after the entity chooses Dani as its rightful host.

    Sabine is next seen plotting against her mistress with several other Angelus Warriors. She has sent a trio into the very depths of hell to retrieve the Wheel of Shadows. When Danielle and Finch are attacked by a Chimarae Sabine arrives only just after Danielle kills the creature. She claims to have no knowledge of the creature until they arrive in the Angelus' realm and Danielle notices two of those creatures residing there. Sabine claims she misspoke and then begins explaining the role of the Angelus (as Danielle is not smothered by the Angelus force as previous hosts are). Much to Sabine's (hidden) pleasure, Danielle sows the seeds of discontent by acknowledging Jackie Estacado as a friend, as he is the Darkness host and by virtue of circumstances, her enemy.

    When only one of the Warrior's she sent to Hell returns with the Wheel of Shadows, she senses the Warrior betrayed her by accidentally bonding with the wheel against her orders and uses the Wheel to kill her, leaving only her skeleton behind. She then starts final preparations to take The Angelus away from Danielle.


    Sabine joins the Curator's side in collecting the 13 Artifacts.


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