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    Sabina is a sorceress appointed by the Council of Merlin to obtain the powers of Shazam.

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    Sabina De La Croix was the daughter of Marcus and Becca De La Croix, who were a demon Necromancer and a meta sorceress. Both them were members of the Council of Merlin, made up of Merlin's descendants. They fled from the council to attempt to fulfill Marcus' dream of a normal human life. They were on the run for years and managed to sucessfully avoid the Council, even having a daughter during their self-imposed exile. One day while leaving for work, Marcus and Becca were found by the Council and killed instantly.

    Sabina was sent to a childhood friend of Becca's where she was raised in secrecy "off the grid" without the knowledge of the Council. Sabina's life would change during a confrontation in high school. Confronting a girl about attempting to steal her "boyfriend' Sabina lashed out in her anger, using a Death Charm on pure instinct to destroy the girl. This brought her to the attention of the Council, who captured her. Realizing who her birth parents were, they were able to pinpoint that she was a fury, a magical warrior. The council erased all knowledge of Sabina's former life, taking her in and training her.

    Sabina was found to be the 10th person in the line of sucession to the powers of Shazam. When she discovered this, she set about causing the deaths of those in line ahead of her. Her teacher and handler Wintergarten was quite disturbed, even scared when he realized that she was now the last Heir of Merlin. When Freddy Freeman was chosen by Lord Marvel to begin the Trials of Shazam, and prove himself worthy of the power, the Council of Merlin sent Sabina to sabotage him.

    After the council failed with it's Audiom Warbeast, Sabina began her battle against Freddy. Using the Council's resources, Sabina inserted herself in Iraq posing as a benefactor offering to bulid school's. She held the illusion until the arrival of the Empath demon caused them to fail. Sabina waited for the Demon to be ready to emerge. Along with support from her guard, she began an assault against Freddy and the god Achilles. While they held them off, Sabina summoned the Empath demon forth, hoping that it would cause Freddy to loose his trial, as an added measure she killed the god Achilles. She was as suprised as Freddy to find that he indeed was able to pass the trial.

    In response to the continued growth of his powers, the Council decides to have him killed, giving Sabina the go-ahead. Deciding not to take him head on in any more trials, Sabina visits the god Hercules in jail, and manages to steal some of his strength. In the end though she ends up helping Freddy, enraged by her actions Herc forgoes the trial and grants him the remainder of the power. Sabina confronts Freddy, and proves a more formidable warrior than him, but Freddy outsmarts her using all of his abilities and forces her to flee.

    Sabina next visits the god Atlas, and using an enchanted dagger kills him, and steals the entirety of his power. She then retruned to the Council to wait as Freddy battled Apollo for his next trial. Tired of his constant badgering, Sabina used her newfound gifts to murder Terrom. When in his anger at being called, Apollo granted her half of his power as well, it evened the playing field between her and Freddy. Closer to gaining the power then ever, Sabina set off to find the next god in line.

    Hunting Mercury for his speed, Sabina had to force her way through a great many magical forces. She forced her way through the North Gate of the Dark Elves, and slaughtered their warriors until they revealed the next. She continued in that fashion until she got to the fifth in line, and killed him hoping to keep Freddy from finding the information out. The last in line was Tawky Tawny, and Sabina doubted he would be hard at all. Confronting Tawny, she was suprised when he fought back. In response to the changing of the books of Magic, Tawny (Now able to transform into a giant Tiger) attacked Sabina. He was handling her almost easily, until he revealed how to defeat him. Conjuring the necessary blades with her magic, she almost killed him before Mercury revealed himself and his trial began.

    While Freddy prepared his forces, Sabina caught Mercury the only way she could. When a member of the Council revealed he had children, she captured them as bait for Mercury. Tricking him, she managed to stab him with the same blade she used to steal the powers of Atlas. Knowing that she would never be able to trick, force, earn, or coerce the power of Zeus on her own she set out to find help. She went to the progenitor of her line, Merlin himself. Entering his realm she requested his aid in her plan, and promised to give him Earth by being his anchor to the realm. She gathered her forces, and launched her attack.

    As her demon ranks began the ceremony needed to force Zeus to give her the power, Sabina confronted Freddy. Attempting to mock him, she was suprised by his immediate attack. Summoning steel, she launched a brutal attack against Freddy, brutally beating him and berating him on his failures. What she didn't realize was that Freddy was forcing her back to the portal. His willingess to sacrifice them both earned Freddy his power, and as he claimed the power from Sabina he forced her back through the portal, most likely to her death.


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