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    Saber, Artoira Pendragon, legendary King of Britain reincarnated to battle six other heroic spirits from throughout myth, legend & history. She is a loyal, chivalrous, Servant & a fearsome combatant. Wielding the legendary Excalibur with lethal proficiency.

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    The Legend of King Arthur

    Early Life & Rise to Kingship

    Spoken of in Merlin's prophecy, Saber was destined to be the king that would "save a ruined country headed for death." Born into an era of war & strife to Uther Pendragon, ruler of Camelot & King of Britain, because she was not a male Artoira was incapable of being named heir to the throne. She was resultantly raised outside of Camelot by an old knight.

    The knight took her into his care as one of his own & taught her the ways of a knight. From childhood Artoria displayed the values and ability of a king. She would hone her skills endlessly, determined to become the worthy ruler of her fathers kingdom. On the day of which the prophecy spoke of knights & lords from across the kingdom gathered to prove they were the worthy successor to the kingdom of Britain. Tasked with but one challenge, to withdraw a sword embedded into a stone. Non could accomplish this task. When no one remained Artoira would approach the sword.

    Merlin appeared & warned of the burden kingship would bring. Artoria accepted that in the instant she withdrew the sword she would become something other than 'human.' Knowing this fact Artoria stepped up and withdrew the sword, in that moment she was bathed in dazzling light and became King of Britain.

    Collapse of Camelot

    Artoria would become king, concealing the truth of her identity. For 10 years she would lead Britain without ever knowing defeat, alongside the famed Knights of The Round Table. Artoria would fight on the front lines of every battle, she was undefeated on the battlefield. Building a reputation as the undefinable warrior Artoria was believed to be the human incarnation of a Dragon. It was, however, from within Camelot that the seeds of defeat would be sown.

    Out of obligation Artoria would be forced to marry lady Guinevere. Despite Gwen being in love with Sir Lancelot, the greatest warrior of The Knights of The Round Table & trusted comrade to Artoria, she married Artoria to conceal the truth of his identity. Artoria's sister Morgan Le Fay would secretly use dark magic sorcery to give birth to Mordred, a pseudo-daughter of Artoria Pendragon. Mordred would eventually rise in status, joining the ranks of Artoria's knights. When she would reveal the truth of her birth to Artoria, Artoria would reject her and refuse to name Mordred heir. An action which kindled a raging hate and vendetta in Mordred that would result in him leaving Camelot. Despite her impeccable performance on the battlefield and exemplary fulfillments of her duties as a king some of her knights did not believe in Artoria, perhaps all of them, as they claimed she was incapable of empathy. A truth which Artoira accepted when she became king, believing the duty of a king was to discard emotions and serve her country unequivocally. Leading to the departure of a portion of her knights.

    In light of Guinevere & Lancelot's affair being made public knowledge, despite her gratitude & respect for Gwen, Artoira ordered her execution, acting how she believed was her duty as King. A fact that Lancelot could not condone nor accept, resulting in his biter leaving of Camelot & a deep resent for Artoria. Serving as the catalyst for Artoira's downfall.

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    When absent defending Britain from invasion Artoria's kingdom would descend into chaos and disarray as it tore itself apart. Mordred led an army of his own against Artoria which would result in both armies being all but decimated and Artoria would be grievously wounded in battle against Mordred, who she would slay. Artoria would stand, dying, among the ruins of her army & the destruction of her kingdom. The Holy Grail, an 'omnipotent' wish granting device, would appear before her and offer her the chance to save Britain in return for her service as a Heroic Spirit.



    Saber was summoned as a Servant during the Fourth Holy Grail War, a battle between 7 masters & their summoned Servant's for possession of the wish granting device known as the Holy Grail. Her master, Kiritsugu Emiya, performed the ritual using Avalon, the scabbard of her sword, as a catalyst. While Kiritsugu was officially Saber's master it was Irisviel, his wife, who would act as her master while Kiritsugu pursued his own unorthodox methods.

    Night One

    Berserker battling Saber with a scrap metal pole, enhanced by his blackened mana.
    Berserker battling Saber with a scrap metal pole, enhanced by his blackened mana.

    Arriving alongside Irisviel in Fuyuki City, Japan, the site of the Fourth Holy Grail War. On that same night another Servant proposed a challenge to the other participants, one which Saber would accept. Engaging Lancer, after a drawn out battle, she falls prey to an impressive manoeuvre. Resulting in an injury on her left arm that would prevent her from fighting to her full capacity and because it was done by Gae Buidhe, Lancer's cursed spear, it was impossible to regenerate. Before the conclusion to their dual Rider, another Servant, and his master interrupted their battle. Revealing himself to be Iskander King of Conqueror's, Alexander The Great. He offered to permit both passage into his ranks. An offer which both knights declined. The appearance of two more Servants would follow before the nights end. Archer, Gilgamesh King of Heroes, would appear & engage the mysterious Black Knight, Berserker, before departing. Upon his departure Berserker would spot Saber and proceed to attack with even more unprecedented rage & brutality than before. With the intervention of Lancer & Rider, Berserker's master was forced to withdraw the raging knight.

    Attack On Einzbern Castle

    After her masters attempt to assassinate Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi, the master of Lancer. An action that directly opposed Saber's chivalrous ideals. The Einzburn Castle was attacked on two fronts. Caster, the one Servant who had yet publicly mount an attack, arrived with an army of demons and Kayneth. Who forced entrance into the castle to hunt down Saber's master. When Lancer joins Saber the two heroes are able to force Caster to retreat, damaging the Grimoire he used to summon his army. Meanwhile Kiritsugu battled Kayneth, managing to severely injure him, using his own magecraft to destroy his magic circuits in the process (preventing him from every using magecraft or generating mana again). However before Kiritsugu was able to eliminate Kayneth, Lancer arrived and withdrew himself & his master from the battle.

    Gathering of 3 Kings

    Rider once again arrives to extend invitation to a gathering of kings. Archer, Rider and Rider's master (Waver Velvet) gathered at the castle. They indulge in wine, Gilgamesh producing the finest wine in history, and discuss their plans for the Holy Grail. Rider reveals he intends to live again so that he can continue his conquest across the modern world. Gilgamesh had no extravagant plans, he was by rite entitled to every treasure in the world and wished to claim what was already his own. Saber, on the other hand, told the 2 kings that she wished to use the power of the Grail to reverse history. Never becoming King of Britain in the hopes that the kingdom wouldn't fall with her absence. A notion that Rider wholeheartedly disagreed with, attacking her ideals and notion of what a king should be.

    The gathering of the 3 kings was ended with the appearance of Assassin, a Servant believed to have been destroyed on the first night, who revealed that he existed as more than one entity. The many aspects of Assassin surrounded the gathering and prepared to attack. They where however effortlessly overcome when Rider revealed his true Noble Phantasm, his most powerful ability, ultimately destroying Assassin with his peerless army of Heroic Spirits.

    Defeating Caster

    Saber using her 'Excaliblast' to atomise Caster's monster
    Saber using her 'Excaliblast' to atomise Caster's monster

    The concept of the Holy Grail War was thrown into disarray when Caster summoned a monstrous demon in the Fuyuki river, breaking the rule of secrecy and threatening to destroy the entire city. Master's were all offered an additional Command Seal, the ability to compel their Servant to do anything even against their wishes, if they were to defeat Caster. Rider, Lancer & Saber joined efforts to defeat Caster's demon however non proved capable of overcoming the incredible regenerative abilities Caster's monster. After a nonchalant effort from Gilgamesh to destroy the demon, an attack that briefly incapacitated his monster, he refused to expend any more of his treasures on such a repulsive beast and was attacked by Berserker. As a last resort Saber revealed she possessed a Noble Phantasm capable of destroying Caster's monster however because of her wound she was unable to use it. Lancer resultantly destroyed his cursed spear, allowing Saber's wound to be healed. Saber then released her anti-fortress Noble Phantasm, channeling her power through her holy blade Excalibur. Releasing an attack that destroyed Caster's demon on a molecular level, overcoming it's regenerative capabilities and destroying Caster along with his monster.

    Honouring Her Promise

    After the defeat of Caster, Saber arrived at a predetermined destination destination to conclude her and Lancer's rivalry in one final duel. Lancer noting that Saber was less formidable than usually realised that Saber was neglecting her left arm, honouring the sacrifice Lancer made when he destroyed his spear to defeat Caster. Both combatants express a deep gratitude for having the honour of meeting and battling such an honourable and skilled opponent. Matching each other blow for blow the swordsman and spearman continued their duel. Until, without warning, Lancer embedded his own spear through his own body. Kiritsugu Emiya appeared Having manipulated his master Kayneth into signing an unbreakable geas contract forcing Kayneth to use his Command Seals to force Lancer to commit suicide, in exchange for preventing Kiritsugu from causing harm to either Kayneth or his love. At this moment both Kayneth and his lover were gunned down by Kiritsugu's comrade, exploiting a loophole in the contract. For Saber Kiritsugu had gone to far. Criticizing his cruel and heartless actions Kiritsugu revealed his distain for Saber, and the very notion of heroes, denouncing Saber's ideologies.

    The Final Night of The Holy Grail War

    On the final night Saber engages Berserker in a car parking garage. Saber realises not long into the encounter that Berserker knows the dimensions of her blade, despite it being concealed by enchanted air that renders it invisible. After prompting the Black Knight to reveal his true identity Berserker responds, breaking the helmet of his armour and revealing himself to be Sir Lancelot. Drawing his own enchanted blade, Arondight, Berserker attacks Saber relentlessly with vengeful rage. He quickly overpowers her, proceeding to dominate her in battle, as it was all Saber could do to survive against the skill and savage wrath of Lancelot. Before he could strike a killing blow Lancelot's masters mana was completely drained, because of the immense strain Berserker placed on his master. Berserker stopped moving and in that moment Saber thrust Excalibur through his motionless body. Killing him.

    This confrontation inspired Saber to continue her pursuit for the Grail. Which would allow Saber to prevent the fall of her kingdom. Saber arrived to claim the Grail, grouping up with Kiritsugu, but was met by Gilgamesh. The only remaining Servant in the Grail War. To her absolute dismay Kiritsugu used his remaining command seals to force Saber to use Excalibur to destroy the Holy Grail, which he realised was corrupt and evil. The Grail expels corrupted mud that burns the city to the ground, consuming all in it's path. Saber was returned to the moment in which she made the pact with the Grail. This signified the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War.


    • Expert Swordsman: Saber is swordsman of almost unrivalled prowess. Capable of rivalling Lancer's duel wielding technique, a technique in which two spears are used simultaneously for attack and defence with "seamless choreography" overcoming the disadvantages of wielding a lance while providing far greater capability to attack. Saber's feats on the battlefield in her legend translate into the Holy Grail War as she fights with skill and experience nearly unmatched by any Servant.
    • Precognition: Saber possesses an innate ability known as instinct. Described as heightened sixth close to precognition. This ability allowed her to avoid an attack, that would have otherwise resulted in certain death, without knowing being aware of the attack. This ability also allows Saber to gauge the threat an opponent poses to her and she was able to assess the nature of Lancer's noble phantasm without any knowledge of it's abilities or identity.
    • Prana Burst: Artoria is a woman of small stature however she is able to block and parry the sword swings of Berserker, an opponent far larger and muscular. The reason Saber is capable of performing at such levels is because of her ability to transfer magical energy into her weapon and body, effectively increasing all physical parameters. Saber has also demonstrated the ability to discharge magical energy in powerful blasts of energy.
    • Strength: Saber displays incredible degrees of strength. Capable of blocking and deflecting strikes from Berserker (Hercules) that produce shockwaves that devastate the surroundings and launch vehicles through the air. In her conflict with Lancer the shockwaves of their strikes levelled warehouses, tore up the ground and cleaved straight through metal.
    • Speed: Speed rivalling a fighter jet. Saber is among the fastest of Servants. Fighting Lancer at speeds utterly imperceivable to humans and exceeding sound multiple times over. When preparing to defeat Lancer with a single blow Saber discarded her armour and combining prana burst with a wind blast turned into a supersonic bullet that surpassed sound by a notable margin. Besides her incredible combat speed Saber is said to be able to parry and deflect bullets without effort.


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