Sabbath Raven

    Character » Sabbath Raven appears in 19 issues.

    Sabbath was a friend and romantic love interest of Dominic Fortune during the 1940's. She was however kidnapped by Simon Steele and for some time seemed loyal to him.

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    Sabbath Raven was born as Gina Morelli in the early 20th century. She was a co-worker and lover of Dominic Fortune during the late 1930's and the WWII days. She was the owner of a Casino-boat known as the Mississippi Queen The pair fought on the homefront against criminals and Nazi's and where very much in love.


    Sabbath Raven was created by Howard Chaykind and first appeared in the black and white magazine Marvel Preview issue 2 (1975).

    Major Story Arcs


    Sabbath however disappeared right after the war, seemingly kidnapped by Simon Steele, a mutual enemy of the two. This incident let Dominic searching for her for more then a few decades. The two where reunited after Sabbath was freed from captivity of Simon Steele with the help of Spider-Man and Silver Sable and her Wildpack, an old mutual enemy of the two. They two remained together afterwards, but have not been seen in some time.


    It was later revealed by Dominic Fortune that Sabbath had died of old age. She had left him her casino-boat, the Mississippi Queen.


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