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    Saana is a descendant of The Visiogoths who was born into enslavement by the aliens The Vine on their home planet Loam. She and her people were freed by X-O Manowar. She is now married to Aric.

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    Similarly to the rest of the human slaves on Loam, Saana is a descendant of The Visigoths. She was born into slavery and has always known The Vine to be her peoples masters. However when an injured Aric of Dacia was brought to her, Saana helped nurse him back to help and in turn Aric led the slaves to freedom.


    Saana was created by writer Robert Venditti and artist Cary Nord. She first appeared in the story "Planet Death Part 2" in X-O Manowar #12 (Apr. 2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    Planet Death

    At the end of the Planet Death arc when Aric had conquered Loam, Saana and the rest of the humans leave with Aric to live on Earth.


    Now in a relationship with Aric, Saana stands by him as he leads The Visigoths to Romania. Aric conquers a part of Bucharest where his ancestral homeland of Dacia used to be. Proclaiming himself king, Aric tells Saana she will rule as his queen.


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