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    Ryo is called the "City Hunter"; a sweeper or private detective. He is a tall and well-built individual who is usually seen with a light blazer over a red t-shirt with rolled sleeves and dark pants, though he could take on a different appearance when necessary. He has slightly tousled hair that reaches his neck and handsome features.

    His interests include Nanpa, erotic books and videos. He eats mostly anything and is quite a big eater as well. He also enjoys shooting games at the game center. In reference to Vol. 6, he smokes 'Lucky Strike' brand of cigarettes and is quite a heavy drinker. He is acrophobia which is most probably attributed to his previous experience with planes. His favorite car is the Mini, Fiat Panda, Honda CR-X.

    He can appear goofy most of the time but will appear serious and alert when called for. The most frequent running gag about Ryo's character is that he is extremely lecherous. His clients are almost exclusively beautiful young women, with whom he constantly seeks a "Mokkori Chance". When not working, he can often be found hitting on random young women on the streets of Tokyo. His constant womanizing often leads to violent repercussions from his partner Kaori. Though, Ryo has only one weakness and vulnerability, which is often taken advantage of by the enemies - Kaori.

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