Ryo Bakura

    Character » Ryo Bakura appears in 174 issues.

    A friend of Yugi Muto, Bakura also holds a millennium item: the Millennium Ring. He's also possessed by an evil spirit that was later shown to be a fragment of the dark god known as the Zorc Necrophades soul.

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    Bakura first meets the Yugi and friends when he transferred to Domino High school, from their he tells them about his love for games, his favorite being a RPG named Monster World.But every times some one plays "Monster World" with him they mysteriously falls in a coma, that is the reason why he transferred to Domino High, Yugi quickly make friends with him and allows him to hold his Millennium Puzzle it was then Bakura felt a sharp pain in his chest coming from the Millennium Ring .Later on that night Bakura goes home to find out that their is an evil spirit inside his ring Millennium Ring and that he refers to him as his "host" and tells him he is the one responsible for people falling into coma's after playing "Monster World" and he also has his eyes set on Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. The next day he invites Yugi and his friends to play "Monster World " RPG they happily agreed to play.

    When they arrived Bakura explained the rules and tells them to pick a monster type, after choosing there type Bakura locks there souls in Monster worlds miniatures in order to beat Yugi in the game and take his Puzzle. Yami Yugi (inhabiting Yugi's body) challenges Bakura to free his friends. During the game the good Bakura emerges during the RPG (as Yami Bakura's left hand) and intentionally rolls critical dice rolls to help his friends out realizing the good Bakura is controlling his good hand, Yami Bakura stabs his self in the right hand with intent of killing stopping the the good side.

    Yami Yugi at that moment realized he was not going against Bakura but an evil spirit the resides in the Millennium Ring. later in the game the good Bakura returns as a miniature in the game as White Mage,then seeing that the good Bakura has entered the game Yami Bakura then relentlessly attacks but Bakura helps out his friends by using his power to shield them from Yami Bakura's attack's.

    Unfortunately good Bakura magic runs out and he is forced to give his remaining hp to save his friends from Yami Bakura's attack's. Good Bakura latter returned by sealing his soul in the dice, he then revealed his plans to lose the game buy causing the dice to explode, hearing this Yami Bakura tries to destroy good bakura's soul with the Millennium ring but to no avail. Bakura then explodes the dice allowing his friends to win the game and seemingly killing himself in the process and. Miraculously Bakura survived and so was every one else that fell victim to the "Monster World" RPG.

    Signature cards

    • Normal Monsters - Earl of Demise, Headless Knight, Necro Mannequin
    • Effect Monsters -Dark Necrofear, Dark Ruler Ha Des, Diabound Kernel, Necro Jar, Necro Wall, Puppet Master, Sangan
    • Fusion Monsters - Duke of Demise
    • Spell Cards - Change of Heart, Counterbalance, Cursed Twin Dolls, Ectoplasmer, Exchange, Monster Reborn, Spirit Illusion, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity.
    • Trap Cards - Destiny Board, Fearful Earthbound, Necro Cycle

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