Character » Ryder appears in 31 issues.

    Leader of the Skrull Kill Krew.

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    Ryder along with a handful of people ate some beef that was contaminated. It seems some years back Reed Richards brainwashed some Skrulls into believing that they were cows. He gained shapeshifting and teleportation abilities. Ryder lead a band of people with similar powers on a crusade to hunt and kill all Skrulls that are on earth. They are known as the Skrull Kill Krew, and all are slowly dying from eating the Skrull meat.

    About the time the Secret Invasion happened, he and Riot are all that is left. Then they stumbled upon Delroy Garrett, the new 3-D Man. After the Secret Invasion ended, Ryder and Delroy are the only ones left, and continue to hunt down Skrulls here on earth. Ryder prefers to use a lot of big guns to get the job done, and eventually simply transforms his arms/hands into large guns (the specifics of the projectile functions has yet to be explained).

    Ryder eventually resurrects Catwalk, Dice, and Moonstomp, essentially recreating the Skrull Kill Krew. He blows off 3-D Man shortly after the Invasion and goes on a new Skrull killing spree with the original Krew. After a short escapade of Skrull massacres, Ryder and Krew become aware of Native-born Skrulls' that apparently took no part in the Secret Invasion. They take a soft-side toward these Natives (save for Moonstomp, whom Ryder blasts to bits) and end up defending them against Norman Osborn, threatening his life if any more Native-born Skrulls end up disappearing. This is on the cusp of the revelation that Ryder and Krew's DNA has been completely overtaken by the Skrull DNA in their systems... essentially making them Skrulls.


    Due to the infusion of Skrull DNA he has advanced shape shifting abilities, allowing him to turn his limbs into working guns, turn his body into asbestos to resist flame, turn invisible and heal from normally fatal injuries. Like the rest of the Kill Krew, he can see through skrulls' disguises though Ryder has also demonstrated the ability to see invisible opponents. Ryder is a skilled combatant with reflexes good enough to snatch Captain America's shield out of the air. He also demonstrated both telepathy and teleportation.


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