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    An archangel in the service of Heaven. She is one of the two most powerful angels.

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    Ruth Profile
    Ruth Profile

    Ruth is a powerful archangel, the highest order of angels, and when the former angel turned demon Kazann started to manifest on Earth, Heaven noticed and Ruth was alerted. She is subsequently sent to Earth to catch Kazann and take to heaven for holy torture and interrogation. She is mute but efficiently brutal, communicates telepathically, controls minds and is able to ride bikes. Kazann once rebelled against god siding with Lucifer. Like all the angels that opposed the almighty, he was cast down to hell and now exists as a demon. Lacking a true physical body he instead possesses others. An oil tycoon on Earth, Earl Gustav, injured after driving drunk and now a quadriplegic, wishes to regain his mobility, and so he bargained with Kazann to regain use of his legs and lower body, and the price was only constructing a body for Kazann and bringing hell to Earth for Kazann to rule over. Neither heaven or hell fond of the idea both sent their agents, angels and demons to stop the process. Ruth represents heaven, but she must also contend with a demon tracker named Hoss. Further complicating matters is Kazann's Angelic brother Malachi, who has certain arrangements with his brother, that are secret to heaven and other angels. Malachi tracks the Ghost Rider to hell, and knowing that the Ghost Rider holds no allegiance to heaven or hell, he decides to beak him out of hell in secret under a deal that will have Ghost Rider track, locate and apprehend Kazann and bring him to Malachi, before either Ruth or Hoss can.

    She's the one who spooked Jemima Catmint in pushing Gustav down to Hell and ripped Malachi's wings off and turning him into a mortal. Sensitives are known to angels as humans that can perceive what they truly are. It is supposed that for every four or five million people there is one that will be a sensitive. When a sensitive boy saw her with wings she mind-controlled him in stabbing his own eyes. Ruth also drove a bus to try and hit Ghost Rider and Hoss but the bus turned on itself, she got out and threw it to them with a lot of people in it. Ruth also stole the Hellcycle and uses guns.


    The Archangel Ruth is a Marvel comic character. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain, Ruth first appears in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation released in November 2005. The character Ruth is named as such, in part inspired by the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. The only other Old Testament book to bear the name of a female is the Book of Esther. The Marvel comics character Ruth has a sister, who goes by the name Esther.

    Character Evolution

    Ruth is inspired by the Book of Ruth of the Old Testament. She serves primarily as an antagonist to Ghost Rider appearing in Garth Ennis run on the book.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hunting Kazann

    Ruth on Bike
    Ruth on Bike

    Ruth must track and locate the demon Kazann but faces opposition from demon tracker Hoss and the spirit of vengeance Ghost Rider. Aware that Kazann is on Earth, but unaware as to where, Ruth bides her time traveling around America. Ruthless and efficient, when a Sensitive, a rare human who is sensitive to the supernatural perceives Ruth as for what she really is, a divine angel, she has no qualms about making the human stab itself in the eyes, to cover her tracks. When the demon Kazann takes corporeal form, she gets a fix on his location and heads toward Texas where he is situated. She encounters Hoss and Ghost Rider on a highway not long after Ghost Rider has been set free from hell by the angel Malachi. Although Hoss and Ghost Rider manage to evade her for a short while, she eventually proves the superior and leaves both under the wreckage of a bus. She then steals the Ghost Rider's motorbike and infuses it with a divine energy before speeding off at supernatural speeds towards Kazann.

    Hell on Earth

    Ruth arrives at oil tycoon Earl Gustav Texas skyscraper, which is heavily guarded by 500 ex military mercenaries. Inside Gustav, Catmint and Kazann continue working on bringing hell to Earth, but using oil drilling technology combined with satanic mysticism and satanic sigils and spells. Ruth makes short work of the human guards, casually decapitating some, whilst flinging others miles away with one casual movement, but they do manage to at least slow her down for Ghost Rider and Hoss to catch up as well as allow Gustav's demonic powered drill to reach its target depth creating a portal to hell for demons to use. A new figure, Father Adam also appears on the scene, setting up as a sniper, acting on the side of the angels, he takes aim at the higher floors of the Gustav building with a divinely powered sniper rifle. After killing most of Gustav's hired army, Ruth travels up the floor of his building but is slowed down by the sudden arrival of hordes of demons. Kazann's master plan has bore fruition.

    An Unlikely Collaboration

    Traveling in an elevator towards Kazann, Ruth is attacked by a horde of demons as the elevator plummets to the bottom floor. Here she reunites with Hoss who plans on distracted her so Ghost Rider can deal with Kazann. Ruth and Hoss confrontation is violent and brutal, with both attempting to bludgeon the other with the bodies of Gustav;s armed mercenaries. Ruth ultimately proves the more powerful of the two, ruthlessly beating down Hoss into unconscious. By the time Ruth ascends to the top of Guslav Petroleum Jemima Catmint has already blackmailed Gustav into recanting the spell sending Kazann and his demons back to hell and Ghost Rider is back in hell after being shot by Father Adam. Ruth does however surprise Catmint which causes her to push Gustav's wheelchair off the center balcony of Gustav Petroleum. Ruth next shows up as Malachi is mocking Ghost Rider. She becomes aware of Malachi's deception and involvement with his brother Kazann and so she punishes him by ripping his wings off, giving him mortality and causing him to bleed to death and descend to hell again. She had temporarily teamed up with Hoss, who explains what just happened to Ghost Rider.

    Powers and Abilities

    Humbles Malachi
    Humbles Malachi

    Ruth is an extremely powerful arch angel. Along with her sister Esther both are considered the most powerful of Angels. Supernaturally powerful, with divine powers, Ruth possesses super strength, and can lift and throw in excess of 100 tons, she is superhumanly durable, superhumanly fast, and has superhuman levels of stamina and resilience. Ruth has regenerative abilities and powers. She is capable of flight through her wings. Ruth is for al intents and purposes immortal, and immune to conventional earthly diseases, injury and illnesses. She is bullet proof. She can disguise herself among humans, and only be seen in her natural form by humans known as Sensitives. Ruth does not need normal sustenance such as oxygen food or water.

    Ruth has proven formidable and dangerous to even powerful beings such as the Ghost Rider and the demon Hoss. The two decided to team up as they realized individually they had no chance against her. When Malachi's underhanded dealings were exposed, it was Ruth who humbled him by casting him down, tearing off his wings, and making him mortal. Ruth has been described as the wraith of god. Her reputation among demons and angels alike proceeds her.


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